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  1. I'd like to get to the point and offer the PROS and CONS of where I live and work as an RN, in the San Francisco Bay Area. After this can someone post some info relative to this about the cities and suburbs of BOSTON and NEW YORK ? Thank You ! PROS: work: (#) Great salaries here about $28/hr benefitted and $30 to 40/hr unbenefitted. (#) Lots and lots of work available if you're flexible. (#) Quality of care is good, in my opinion. Patient to staff ratio, good and fair in most places (#) 8hr shifts in most places, I would say. This could be a pro or con. PROS Living: (#) Weather's good most of the time (But it does rain in the winter). (#) Great place if you want to express your gay sexuality. And now for the CONS: Job related: Apart from the mostly 8hr shifts offered and the only-2wk-a-year vacation offered, nursing is nursing and its OK. The pt/nurse ratio tends to be a bit high in some of the med-surg units. CONS: Living Related: (This is a biggie for me. Thats why I want to travel) (#) Sky high living costs (ie.rent) in the city of S.F. Unless you live in the east bay. (#) Overcrowding and overpopulation; try driving somewhere on the weekend or any time for that matter. Forget it! (#) Relationships and friendships tend to be a bit shallow and temporary. (But this is my opinion). Have I left anything out? Any opinions or facts to share? So, anyone please post any relative info to the above about the cities and suburbs of NEW YORK, BOSTON or any Northeast city. Thank You and much appreciated! Tony, RN-ICU.
  2. tony

    dialysis training

    I am currently an ICU-RN and interested in working in dialysis. Does anyone know of a dialysis course to start my taining? I live in the San Francisco Area and I've seen an Ad in Nurseweek that charges a hefty $3500 for such a course. This is far too much to pay for any cross-training I would think! And by the way, are dialysis nurses in demand? Anyone,please respond stat...THANKS!
  3. tony


    As a guy and approaching 40, I went into nursing 8 years ago for many reasons including that I like working with people, and that economically, I'll always have a job. And with the so many ways to be a nurse, its really interesting! From travel(been there done that) to ICU (been there done that)to psych to home care, you name it. However, in the last 8 yrs that I've been in nursing I'm interested to venture out into a new part-time career but keep nursing as my "main squeeze" so to speak and as a main earning source. Has anyone out there had these urges and dared to branch out into new horizons with success or not?? Oh, by the way I'm a Gemini and I can really by immersed in many different interests at one time. But I think now's the time to "do it" and pursue what other interests I have whatever these may be(like making a million maybe)...Nursing so far has been the most stable area for me to earn a living and keep me interested in life. I'd like to see what other professions bring about this stability...Comments anyone?? Any psychics out there with any personal suggestions for me?? (just kidding) [This message has been edited by tony (edited May 16, 1999).]

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