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  1. rafaeltoney

    Bridging Program in Australia

    thanks j1123
  2. rafaeltoney

    Bridging Program in Australia

    thanks..what's the option? if any
  3. rafaeltoney

    Bridging Program in Australia

    Hi everyone! how long is a 456 visa valid for? will it be enough to cover the 12week BP? if not, any options?
  4. rafaeltoney

    Interesting article about "diploma mills"

    "When Filipino nurses protested against a popular U.S. television series -- one of the show's characters had supposedly made a discriminatory remark about nurses graduating from the Philippines" ...got this out of the article. I didnt know filipino nurses got nailed too. Which show was that? :smokin:
  5. rafaeltoney

    Canada's Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

    well done breech
  6. planning to locate in bc...the weather there accrdng to some posters here is better than any of the other provinces :wink2:
  7. Hey... I was assessed by the College of RN of British Columbia and my education and credentials were deemed to be equivalent to what the province requires. I too am a 2nd courser (acntng). Finished nursing in 2.5 years...Best of luck to you. You can do it
  8. rafaeltoney

    Vermont Application

    you're right suzanne...there's more to the nclex than med surg...i jst based that opinion on my own experience when i sat for it...i stopped at item 75...jst had 2 questions on Maternal and child, 1 question on psychia..the rest med surg...the items could have been spread out i think had I reached the 265 item max. The med surg instructor I was talking about went to the US in the early 90's and worked there for sometime as an RN, I suspect to save, so he can come home and complete his medical degree...placed 12th on the medical board yet never was a placer in the '92 NLE(any MERGE Baby reading this will recognize this fella immidiately heheh) he says he's only worked a few years here in the phils as an MD..as to why he's in a review center now i can only speculate that he earns more..anyhow, i'm glad i sat through his discussions...realy helped boost my confidence :yeah:
  9. rafaeltoney

    Vermont Application

    my med surg instructor at merge was an RN MD not MD RN..get the flow? has worked in the US as a reg nurse...7 days all med surg topics got me realy confident that i passd the nclex first time...dont worry about available slots...i scheduled 6 days before the exam. good luck! :yeah:
  10. rafaeltoney

    VisaScreen Status: Mailed (How long do I wait?)

    hey namurit! it was realy funny what u said about us pinoy nurses taking 1,000,000 years to work in the US......dont get distracted with the time frame...better having the visa screen on hand than wait for the retro to lift to start applying for 1..pinoy pride!
  11. rafaeltoney

    Passed IELTS? Do you want to work in BC?

    BC's a good idea...I hope everything turns out well for you guys. Oh! and the Memorandum Circular (MC) 04, series of 2007..concerning the $5000 bond was suspended last month http://globalnation.inquirer.net/news/breakingnews/view/20080214-118871/POEA-suspends-memo-on-employers-5000-repatriation-bond (as explained by our cute administration..the employer doesnt realy pay 5K...it's about $35-$50 yearly for the BOND premium...5K's d coverage) happy easter guys!
  12. rafaeltoney

    Licensure requirements for CA for foreign grad

    Now i'm confused... can one realy have an SSN and not be a greencard holder?
  13. rafaeltoney

    PRC license

    hyveth from my experience, i sent a fotocopy of my boardrating with my application for licensure in vermont.Along with the application i made a cover letter indicating that our lovely prc is a pentium snail processor.kidding :) jst tel d guys in vermont that u'l send d license wen it's available. worked for me..gud luck
  14. rafaeltoney

    PRC license

    congratulations on passing the exam! :) From my experience, registration is done after the oath taking. And a schedule is followed based on registrants' last names. Hope this helps
  15. hotpotato, look for the posts by soundbites...he's got actual experience on the whole process of registration in BC. You'l find his posts pretty helpful if you're planning to get registered in beautiful british columbia.
  16. Hi hotpotato emailed CRNBC about the experience part of the application and they said it's not a requirement. Although, the registration process does require one to complete 250 hours of supervised duty. And without any experience it would be hard but certainly not impossible to find a canadian hosptal to work on those hours.