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  1. daydreaming

    IV Compatibility

    Off the top of my head..... generally all pressors are compatable typically sedation is compatble (ie fentanyl and versed), but if you give a bolus, everything gets a bolus for insulin, generally i run it alone, just in case for boluses, and same applies, if you bolus, then you bolus everything i would think in this case, that the pressors would be running thru the cordis, and everything else peripherally.... versed/fentanyl can run peripherally, bumex peripherally, insulin, d5 periphally. while this was going on, they should be establishing additional access. what other access did this patient have? picc, tlc, portacath, peripherals, etc.? usually cordis are placed for high volume quick, ie gi bleeds. lastly, why was this patient on d5 and insulin together? j
  2. daydreaming

    tablet computers for charge nurses

    Hello, I work in a large teaching hospital with electronic health care records, with WOW's at each patient bedside and outside of their room. I find this helpful for looking up values and entering data when I am scheduled with a patient assignment. However, when I am charge I must utilize a paper clipboard to cover 56 ICU beds and sometimes keeping track of everything can be daunting. I must find an unused nearby computer to look up new patients, patient data when staff nurses call for help, or reference several other paper trails for creating assignments. I think you know where I am going with this. Anyways, does anyone have experience working in a hospital as a charge nurse with access to a tablet computer and the hospital's electronic health record system? Do you find it more helpful than carrying around a paper clipboard and notes shoved into your pockets? Does anyone know where I can find any additional information on this, ie research articles, etc? That maybe I can bring to my manager to show the efficacy of implementing such devices? I envision having charge nurses with tablet computers, will really help out with work throughput and patient safety. Thank you. Julie
  3. daydreaming

    More than half of ER nurses have been assaulted on job

    Its bad enough that we have bad backs from repositioning patients, repetitive tasks, and standing on our feet all day never mind the verbal abuse and assault we receive from patients. I have had my breasts grabbed, dodged flying pulse ox's, been covered head to toe from patient to patient food fights, kicked, pushed, knocked over, spat at, asked to "sit on daddy's lap," to being told "I am going to kill you." I have so many random bruises on my body from patients that I'm afraid someone might think my husband is abusing me. And after all this I must maintain a smile on my face and continue to provide good patient care.
  4. daydreaming

    Connecticut Nursing Shortage

    I feel the crunch every day I go into work. On many occasions I have been told by my manager "run short." But with economic times, and hospital losses it seems that they are unwilling to create new positions. If anything they'll hire experienced per-diem or part-time RN's. Many of them are either retired nurses re-entering into the workforce or nurses approaching retirement who are working "just a few more years" to put aside a little extra reitrement. At the moment, we are "getting by," but will we be able to manage with the years to come? The average age of CT's RN's are the oldest in the US. What's going to happen when they retire?
  5. daydreaming

    Connecticut Nursing Shortage

    I think there are several factors as to why there is such a nursing shortage in CT. We have an aging workforce approaching retirement, the average age of CT nurses is much higher than other states. Like others have mentioned, faculty positions are underpaid. Many universities require a doctorite/Phd, where these same nurses could work elsewhere making a considerably higher income. Many students who attend our 18 nursing school programs are out-of-state and typically won't work in CT after graduation. Also, nurses who work in bordering states, ie MA and NY make significantly more per hour than CT nurses do. I know this reply is somewhat late, but given our economic times and with many hospitals on hiring freezes. It still doesn't resolve the nursing shortage issue we are facing both in CT and nation-wide.
  6. daydreaming

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    i am very comforted to see this thread. i have been diagnosed with bipolar 2, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, ptsd, with disassociation. i consider myself to be a very safe and conscious nurse. i put my patients first, double and triple-check everything i do. i will admit, some times can get triggering, but i try to remove myself from it personally and be a good patient advocate. the crash doesn't usually happen until after my shift and i am at home. i am currently in therapy, and am playing the med merry-go-round, as i haven't found the perfect med-match for me. but i will agree, there definately is a mental illness stigma in the field. it breaks my heart just hearing other health professionals (nurses included) making wise remarks about patients and their mental health. i envy those here who have had the strength to discuss their disorders with their co-workers, but i don't feel i'm at that point yet.
  7. daydreaming

    How many got 5 or more all that apply

    i got many check all that apply, my test shut off at 75 questions, and i passed. i'm sure you all did great!
  8. daydreaming

    yey... the waiting is over... I PASSED!

    thanks guys. that had to be the most stressful thing i ever went thru. i think its only natural to be anxious after taking nclex. i was a mess, but now that i saw "pass," its such a relief.
  9. daydreaming

    Thank you !!!! I passed..Yipee!!!!

    Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you!! :monkeydance:
  10. daydreaming

    How many got 5 or more all that apply

    i had at least 7 check all that apply. and those are my worst ones too! one day and counting, please keep your fingers crossed for me!!
  11. daydreaming

    Got 75 questions and I can't breathe

    my husband is also giving me a hard time... he just doesn't understand how important this test is to us?? i'm getting worried, i didn't have any math calculations, which is something i feel really good about.. go figure. i hope to God i passed.
  12. daydreaming

    state licensure website ?

    is anyone from CT, and knows if you can find out your results in less than the 48hrs? i was wondering how soon after they post your license on the state licensure website? or if i have to wait the 48hrs?
  13. daydreaming

    Got 75 questions and I can't breathe

    i didn't get any strips or any med calculations... is that good?
  14. daydreaming

    Got 75 questions and I can't breathe

    I am in the same boat. I also had 75 questions, and I know for sure I got the last one wrong. I am so scared, that I dont know how I'll survive the next 48 hrs, as I will be at work. I'm afraid to check and see if I passed at work, because I left not feeling "good" and would be mortified to find out I failed. I had many of the same questions as you.
  15. daydreaming

    Got 265 questions and scared to death...

    i personally know 4 people who have gotten 265 questions and PASSED! NCLEX is stressful, if you weren't stressed, then I would think something was wrong. Hang in there!