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  1. kahlenah

    How i landed a new grad position

    SKYSTHELIMIT can you please take a look at my cover letter & resume? how can i send it to you?
  2. kahlenah

    How i landed a new grad position

    hello skysthelimit. here in the bayarea it is tough to find a new grad job. for example, when stanford hospital started their new grad program they were only taking 6 new grads. there were 600 applicants! i don't know what to do. i graduated in march '09 and started applying in the fall. still haven't found a job yet. it's already been more than year since i graduated. i do have a resume and cover letter. i have also registered with indeed.com. any other suggestions... i am desperate. i am now looking at nursing homes and clinics for my last resort. if you can help me, can you check out my resume and cover letter?
  3. Hey everyone! I got an interview for the BSN program and can anyone tell me what should i expect. LIKE what type of questions are they going to ask me?! thanx! please HELP! im nervous..:uhoh3: