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    How do you take care of your back?

    Work in peds!!!!! hahah

    PBDS testing

    I passed pbds with flying colors, easy as pie. To tell you the truth many of my classmates had to retest. Maybe I am a cut above the rest, hahahaha!:)

    Pediatric Urine Output

    I am a pediatric RN and I have a question regarding adequate urine output for renal perfusion. I always follow the rule of thumb of 1cc/kg/hr for calculating urine output at the end of my shift. My question is what about a 15 year old who weighs 75kg. Going by the pedi rule, the pt would have to void 900cc in a 12 hour shift. Going by the adult rule of 30cc/hr, 360cc worth of void in a shift would suffice. I realize 15 y/o is a child, but plenty of adults weigh 75kg. Can I get some opinions from other pedi nurses on what method they use for determining renal perfusion, weight or age? Thank you so much for your advice!!! Holly
  4. I am a conservative. I cannot stand Micheal fat ass Moore. His movies are completely worthless. I doubt he could make his movies any more one sided and liberal. Anyone who wastes their time watching this movie instead of doing there own research deserves no respect. I said it once and I'll say it again. I'd rather be a conservative nut job than a liberal with no nuts and no job.

    Gay labeling, is it just plain mean? Or sexual harrassment?

    And so what if thinks being gay is "bad". Everyone is entitled to their own belief and morale system. Would that make him less of a person if he did not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, or on the contrary a better person if he does agree with it? I can't stand people who shut out people who are just old fashioned and conservative. Just because a person doesn't agree with homosexuality, it doesn't mean that person isn't cordial to those who choose that lifestyle. Open your mind.

    new grads in icu

    Wow, you sure have a lot to say. I am a new grad RN as well. I would never attempt ICU. It is just not safe, and many new nurses who apply to the icu later realize this. That is why the retention rate is low. As far as the icu only taking the cream of the crop graduates, that is bs. They will take any new grad who applies, the 2 new grads from my class in the icu were the poorest students in our graduating class. How does a potential employeer know if you are the best of the best as a new grad anyway? There is nothing to base it on, you have no nursing practice history, and they could care less if you made A's or C's!!

    Patients on Medicaid

    Let me tell you something, people who really need government assistance often times don't receive it. When I was pregnant with my second child I was denied WIC because I made $10/month too much!!! Keep in mind, between my husband and I we were making 27,000/year for soon to be a family of four. Maybe if I would've just shacked up instead of marrying my husband I would've received it. Then I could walk in and claim I am single and exclude my husbands income. It is a SAD day in America, when people who do the right thing and work hard get screwed and can't get a little help. I probably would've gotten WIC if I would've said "He's just my baby daddy"(just like the rap song, people really live up to those lyrics)

    NICU filling with miscarriages

    I am an RN on a general pediatric floor and have seen many children on the floor that are very acutely ill. Just in two months working there I have seen three cases of infants born with agenesis of the corpus collasum! One of my co workers responded by saying that as the years go by, more and more medically dependant children are going to fill the floor. I myself am a very conservative, however, what kind of quality of life does a infant born at 21 weeks have? These innocent babies are being born blind, deaf, missing parts of their brain, will have chronic seizures for their entire life, and most likely end up vent dependant. They will never grow to be productive members of society. If I myself gave birth to a child with disabilities I would love him/her just as I would love my son and daughter now. I realize children are born with these health issues at full term as well. It makes me wonder how many come into the ER having miscarriages and the baby is placed in the NICU. This is a very difficult subject matter, where do you draw the line? I sure can't call it. On top of all this, a recent article I read also states that the maternal mortality rate is increasing in the U.S. The article attributed it to the increasing c-section rate and advanced maternal age(women delivering after 35 y/o). I guess the c-section rate and advanced maternal age mothers go hand in hand though. In the end, who ends up the victim. The poor babies, I welcome any comments. Thank you.

    4th day as an RN on my own

    To the OP, I start on my own as an RN in mid September. Ready, but still scared as hell. Everything the OP mentioned, I could see myself going through. I can tell she worked in geriatrics. Heart problems and having to get up every time you turn around to pee. Of course it takes forever and a day to get them oob!! Spent 18 months as a tech on a post CABG unit. Looking back on it now, I don't know how I ever took care of these geriatric pt's. SOOOOOOOOO much much much more happier as a pediatric RN. Everyone on the floor works together and you don't get a lot of BS. Think about it, to be a peds nurse and survive, you have to truly be a kind and compassionate person to handle sick babies. People say kids whine too much, noway that is the adults, calling for their 35 meds/day they take to add another 3 years to their life. One thing that drives me crazy with med-surg geriatric care, is the lack of quality of life, and denial of pt's that should so be in hospice. How many 91 y/o do you see still taking Lipitor, c'mon people, really gimme a friggin' break.

    Needle sticks (Question for all nurses, esp those in ER)

    not wearing gloves when starting iv's? that is just asking for trouble. i work in pediatrics, and i always wear gloves when starting or removing an i.v. i see many nurses on my floor who practice just as you do(guess they think little kiddos don't have hep and hiv) anyway, my point is, when starting an i.v. without gloves on, what if blood spills everywhere all over your fingers. you may have a cut you don't know you have. if you ended up with a disease, i wouldn't have any sympathy, because you yourself didn't take proper measures to protect yourself. take the 2 seconds and put on gloves. do you realize how unprofessional you look if family is in the room and they see you start an i.v. without gloves on.

    Nclex-RN exam...265 questios..pls see details

    Were you in the process of answering a question when the screen shut off, if so I'd say that was incomplete test. If you are a slow test taker they can make accomadations for you. I myself took 2 hours just to do a minimum of 75 questions. I would've never finished 265 questions in 6 hours, to me that is unfair, and not enough time. Good luck!

    Jehovah Witness RNs

    Geez!! Everything I am reading about these JW people involves the words shunned, ostracized, and disassociation for disobedience. Sure doesn't sound like something I want to be involved with. What ever happened to forgiveness and unconditional love? I could never watch a pt die for what I see as "no good reason."

    Learn From My Mistakes

    A couple of quotes I'd just love to share. "You learn more from your mistakes than you will ever learn from things you do right." and "Learn from other's mistakes, because you will never live long enough to make them all yourself!"

    Sending drug abusers home with picc lines?

    of course they don't have insurance. why the hell spend money to insure yourself when that money could go to getting high? hahahahaha. sure makes a lot of sense, huh? now that is what i call having your priorities straight!:angryfire

    Male pediatric nurse ?

    Hello there. I am not a dude, but couldn't help clicking into the male nursing forum, as I saw "pediatric nurse." What kind of questions do you have? I graduated in May 2007, and just passed my nclex rn about a month ago. I went straight into peds, and I love it. On my floor there are three male RN's between days and nights together. Good to see a guy who appreciates the beauty and serenity of children, and the rewards of helping them get better.

    called me a maid

    I would say, "What are you doing having a kid at 40?" JK. Talk about advanced maternal age!! Sometimes people with money are so freakin' warped. She probably has no idea exactly how hard working and educated an RN is. Seriously though, off the subject, but my sister in law had her first baby at 42. NOT FOR ME. When I am 40, my daughter will be 20, and my son 17. Hell, I might even be a grandma at 40. Pro's and con's to having kids early and late. But not too late(don't want those eggs getting old and crusty).