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LovePeas specializes in Psych, Emergency, Med/Surg.

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  1. LovePeas

    Do I have the right to be upset?

    Here I am, 5 years later and finally finished my ADN, ready to start BSN next semester. It's been a long trying road and when I look back at some of my old threads, I cringe :uhoh21:. Well, I left that guy shortly after posting this thread. He went into the deepest hole of his lifetime, drinking whole bottles of liquor a day and got a dui (he's lucky he didn't kill someone). He's still dealing with the repercussions. And yeah, I still keep in touch with him. Not my bf, but he'll always be on my list of people who I'll care about until I'm 90. I'm grateful for this forum for the guidance perfect strangers have continued to provide and will continue to provide. Much Love
  2. LovePeas

    2 glove technique? HUHH?

    This was a "trick" taught to me by a tech back on a Med/Surg unit where we had many Cdiff accidents. Years later, I still use this technique if I'm foreseeing a messy situation with a patient regarding any fluid
  3. LovePeas

    Woot! I graduated from Nursing School!!!!

    Oh, and on the mobile app, I can't "like" or "kudos" and of your replies sorry. I LIKE them all though!
  4. LovePeas

    Woot! I graduated from Nursing School!!!!

    Thanks for the Congrats everyone!!! And if you're still in it......this too shall pass :)
  5. LovePeas

    Woot! I graduated from Nursing School!!!!

    Tell me about it! Only those who have gone through the rigors know. (1st Semester) "How's nursing school?" "Oh my gosh!, I love it!". Every Semester after that whenever I was asked that dreaded question, which was far too often, was met with, "UGH, I hate it!" Started faking it when I realized people really didn't want to hear how much it sucked. Hahaha. Oh, and then in the final Semester, when I should be extremely excited, I'm still dealing with the torture they make us endure.......discussion forum deadlines, case studies, virtual iv simulations (which they failed every single person on their first attempt), and exams that weren't in NCLEX format pertaining to legal, ethics, and delegation!!! And all anyone outside of nursing school would say to me was, "Oh.....don't worry, you're almost done." I did survive :w00t: NS turned me into a chronic complainer. Hahaha, sorry, I'm still working on getting out of that habit
  6. LovePeas

    Woot! I graduated from Nursing School!!!!

    Woot to you too!
  7. LovePeas

    Sex in the workplace.....what do YOU think should be done?

    You read my mind!
  8. LovePeas

    Things You Need To Know To Be A Nurse...

    Never underestimate the power of a warm blanket and a few kind words.
  9. LovePeas

    Companion Questions: Saunders vs Pearson

    Dang. Can't believe there aren't any responses. I have the same burning question Good Luck!
  10. LovePeas

    Valencia CC Spring of 2011

    I don't think Valencia has that concurrent option anymore. Please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong, but yeah, coulda swore they discontinued it.
  11. LovePeas

    Help with books

    Yeah, I found out today that we'll be using most of them throughout the program. We were also told to be wary of used books simply because they don't contain the cd's and/or codes needed which we will be using. Dang. lol
  12. LovePeas

    Valencia CC Spring of 2011

    Thank you so much. Yeah I found out Wednesday and mini orientation was today. I've been running around getting everything ready. It's been hectic. I saw what you're talking about with the remaining open seats thing. Not sure what that's all about. How is the background website a pain? I'm going to be doing that this weekend.
  13. LovePeas

    Help with books

    Wow, I never thought that I may use them over the course of semesters. Thank you! I'll have to ask them. That would be nice though, considering it's $1000 just for first semester books. Or maybe they're expecting me to read all 14 books in 5 months???? I can do it:)) lol
  14. LovePeas

    Help with books

    I just found out I start NS in 4 weeks (someone dropped) and need to get all 14 of the required first semester books. My question is, which ones should I rent, if I can and which ones would be keepers? Thanks for any comments :)
  15. LovePeas

    Valencia CC Spring of 2011

    Hi guys :) I just received an invite to start Spring 2011. I was slated for Summer 2011. I've heard of them doing this to a few select but never dreamed it'd be me! I look forward to meeting everyone. Of course, I didn't get to go to orientation. Thanks for the recent posts explaining how it went. Just a few more weeks!