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  1. greenbean21

    Respiratory Problems in PACU

    I just started in a PACU.............wondering what types of respiratory problems/difficulties you see, s/sx of each, and types of interventions that you might see used.
  2. greenbean21

    New to this--feel like I have set myself up for failure:(

    I feel so bad for you! I think that the major problem with LTC is that often administrators do not understand how intensive MDS really is, and how time-consuming doing MDS is. They will keep adding responsibilities on and it is so easy to get behind on MDS. It sounds as if you are being taken advantage of. There is absolutely NO WAY that you can be expected to fill in for the DON this often, round with docs, assist the nursing staff with procedures, and be an MDS Coordinator. I used to be an MDS Coordinator but went back to hospital nursing because of the too-high expectation. If it wasn't for all of the "extra" duties, I probably could have made it work. But if you are doing MDSs, don't believe that 8-hour day crap- you will be working longer hours and overtime and you are usually salary- so no overtime. Good luck to you! I feel your pain!
  3. greenbean21

    Patient length of stay in PACU

    Can anybody tell me the average length of stay for patients in the PACU? For example, how long the average patient stays in PACU (ex: for spinal surgeries, abdominal surgeries, ortho surgeries, etc.)? I know a lot of it depends on pain control and meds given, etc. Thanks!
  4. greenbean21

    Peritoneal Dialysis Info

    Just learning Peritoneal Dialysis- needing some info (ex: differences between cycling, drain, and exchange). I feel that I could better understand the steps of PD if I knew what was occurring in the body during each step (ex: cycling at night, 30-minute drain during the day, and then the dwell time)- unsure what everything means exactly. Any thoughts or resources would be very useful for me, as I have never done any type of dialysis before. Thanks!
  5. greenbean21

    Took Job on Telemetry Floor...what's Telemetry???

    Just started on telemetry.......it is very fast-paced and challenging but a great place to learn. I see a lot of COPD exacerbation, CHF, DM, drug OD, GI bleeds, gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, N/V, cellulitis, DVT/PE, respiratory infections/pneumonia.......a "dumping ground" as somebody called it. Everybody has a telemetry pack and we have to interpret rhythm strips every shift. Very interesting......