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  1. rnwings

    The New MiPLUS REnewal process

    Is anybody having trouble with this renewal process. I'm about to cry. This is my 3rd day trying to figure this crap out. It has me all over the place. Now I'm REALLY confused !!!!! Any help at all would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Did I mention I HATE COMPUTERS
  2. rnwings

    Took a position as MDS Coordinator

    Dear Raus61, Thank you for your response. I began my training last Wednesday. So far I understand your "gathering " of information. Putting it into the computer is another issue. They are telling me "I'm reading into the questions to much and making it more difficult for myself. I guess the biggest part for me right now is, understanding the questions they are asking, and giving the right information. I have done a few quarterlies and nobody seems to check my work. Just hope like heck I'm doing things right. Thank you again, just wanted someone to talk to :)
  3. rnwings

    Took a position as MDS Coordinator

    Just took a position at work for MDS. I am an RN and have been at my place of employment in Michigan for 13 years now. I am starting my training tomorrow with an RN from that position. I have a pretty good idea what they do, was just wondering if anybody could give more detail I am a charge nurse on a unit and have recently been troubled with some back issues. wasn't sure where to go to find information, so thought I would start here with you. I am so excited and can't wait to start training.
  4. rnwings

    Pain Med Administration

    Yes, be sure you know the peak times of each med as well as the route. I would definately start with the smaller dose first and move my way up the chain. And assess assess, assesss. I know being on a busy med surge floor sometimes that is hard to do. And most times you don't know the pts well enough. Explain the med to the pts, the effects of the meds and make sure they understand to ask for help when when getting up. And the 2nd thing is to chart, chart, chart. So you can COVER YOUR BUTT. If you EVER have questions or are in doubt contact your supervisor, pharmacist, or better yet the doc.
  5. rnwings

    Smoking coworkers and fair breaks

    I am a smoker, but we do not seem to have this problem where I work. I guess we respect each other and know that everyone desreves there right to a TIMELY break. Sorry for your frustrtion. Hope things get better for you.
  6. rnwings

    Facility wants to take my RN title away

    Your awsome, I love this reply.
  7. rnwings

    Facility wants to take my RN title away

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for yiur comment. It really means a lot when someone is listening.
  8. rnwings

    Long Term Care Nursing

    Just wanted to say AWSOME artical ! ! ! I am a RN of 8 years. All in long term care, by choice. :redbeathe I'm glad your experience in long term care has changed your "stigma":yeah:
  9. The long term facility I work at wants to take away my RN title at the end of my name on my badge and put "Clinical Associate". Can they do this? I worked hard for my RN title and do not believe this can be fair. With this NEW title I feel like I work at Wal-Mart or something. I was also told that by doing this, next they will decrease our pay. I am VERY upset about this. Any light you could shed on this matter would be greatly appreciated. :loveya:
  10. rnwings

    What I do to relax

    Babs0512, I clicked on your suggestion on what you do to relieve stress. "The interview with God" And might I say How AWESOME ! ! ! ! I refered it to 10 friends. Thanks so much RN Wings
  11. rnwings

    Nurse-Patient Ratios

    babysitter2 Don't get me wrong, I love my job with all my heart, for my patients. But if your strong and versitile, you'll make it. Chin up. You can do it !!!!:dance:
  12. rnwings

    Nurse-Patient Ratios

    jerzytech This sounds pretty good, compared to what I get. Where did you say you work? Are they looking for any help?
  13. rnwings

    Nurse-Patient Ratios

    where can I find info on "UNION"? Could this cause my employment to be at risk? I've heard that at my facility when administation hears "UNION" they get a little upset.
  14. rnwings

    Nurse-Patient Ratios

    Where can I find info on "union"? And, will this put my employment at risk? I've heard that when my facility hears "Unoin" the administration gets very upset.
  15. rnwings

    Nurse-Patient Ratios

    I work in a geriatric skilled facility. I am a RN charge nurse, pass meds to 28 residents have 3 CNAs and a Ward clerk. Most of my residents are, demencia, alzheimers, quit a few parkinsons and the behaviors are through the roof. Don't dare ask for help. They only ask me what I'm NOT doing right. Oh, I could go on and on and on.....