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  1. head3rd

    Any hospital hiring new grads? anywhere in the country?

    Its a tight market in most parts of the country right now, the Shortage started about 10 years ago and schools have steadily been churning students out with new programs opening all the time. If you combine that with the economic situation where nurses are working longer and changing jobs left. My new grad cohort had 105 new nurses but over 900 people applied. Get a job in a hospital that has a residency program as a CA/CNA/ PCT on a unit while in school and work PRN or part-time. Everyone in my graduating class that was already working at a hospital was hired as a nurse at graduation
  2. head3rd

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I don't know that I would go quite that far but as a male nurse I noticed a difference in how I was treated compared to 4 females that started at the same time. We were all brand new nurses with basically the same level of experience. I was treated great and when my preceptors had questions or suggestions they were very upfront about it. My new coworkers on the other hand would become very distressed because nurses were talking about them behind their backs the first week. Everyone was nice to their face, but would go to others saying how they did something wrong or questioning what they were thinking when they did things or said things. Being a guy I don't really understand why some females do this, but they do. For most new nurses the sudden transition from clinicals to being a REAL nurse and the realization that you are now responsible for others lives and well being is very stressful. When you add to this just 1 or 2 people that act this way and you have the recipie for a complete meltdown. Suddenly they seem to think all of the female nurses are just well B**chs. At 1st I thought this was just on my unit, but my residency cohort was 105 people with maybe 12 guys, all the guys were talking about how great everyone has been and the majority of the females were talking about leaving work in tears. One unit actually has a group of nurses nicknamed the "mean girls" apparently 4-5 of them will try to make life hell on a new nurse if they don't like them, not really bullying them but talking bad about them just far enough away that the person can hear bits and pieces of it. A study about 4 years back said that the average length of time a nurses stays in the profession from graduation is 3 years, the number one reason for leaving was workplace environment and interpersonal issues in the workplace. I wish I had answers to the problem, all I can say is ladies don't act this way and if you see or hear others doing it tell them to cut the crap.
  3. You might want to think about relocating, The hospital system I work for hires new Grad's or any RN with less than 1 year experience into a residency program called Versant. They have a website versant.org, if you go to clients it shows cities that have these programs. You can also type GN residency programs in google and it will you show tons of hospitals that specifically hire new nurses. Here in texas we hired 105 GN's in June and are hiring 80 more in October. Good Luck
  4. head3rd

    The Golden Ticket - Nurses pursue advanced degrees and prosper

    I graduated from an ADN program in Austin Texas and the only Nursing Content courses that the BSN degree from the University Of Texas Austin has that we didn't are all Theory based. I agree that a broader education makes for a better profession and that management courses are helpful if that is the direction a nurses wants to go in. But for the new nurse nothing can substitute experience in the clinical setting and simulations in the labs. In my program if you couldn't safely handle 4-5 patients by the end of nursing school you weren't going to graduate. What scares me is seeing BSN students with 2 weeks left in clinical before graduating being pleased that they are just now taking 3 patients, if they get hired somewhere they are going to very quickly find themselves with 4-5 patients if not more. And no one will be checking their meds anymore to make sure they don't hurt someone. Just my two cents
  5. head3rd

    More Men Entering Nursing Profession

    There are lots of scrubs out there for guys on the internet, the only problem is they seem to be all made for someone with a huge gut. I need Large to fit my chest but I could fit a friend in there with me around the stomach. Are we all supposed to be fat guys or something.
  6. head3rd

    Nursing Opportunities Expected To Increase

    There is a still a nursing shortage, its just for highly experienced RN's My unit recently spent 3 months looking for a new nurse, but since we are a Neuro and Oncology unit, she only wanted someone with that background and a cert in at least one of those specialities. For new GN/RN's or those without a specialy cert its a tough market
  7. head3rd

    The Golden Ticket - Nurses pursue advanced degrees and prosper

    I have to say the often idea that BSN prepared nurses are better is ridiculous. I recently graduated from an ADN program in Texas and as a second career RN at age 40, I did my homework. I looked into the pass rates of BSN vs ADN nurses on the Hesi exit exams and the NCLEX, I was originally thinking about a BSN program but I was shocked to see that the ADN pass rates at least here in Austin were dramatically higher, 20%+ higher. Even funnier was a few years later just before graduation I was at a job fair and hear a soon to be BSN graduate talking about how ADN programs will be gone in a few years.... I guess that's part of the teaching of the BSN schools as well. I assume they don't teach the students to read the entire research articles, don't they realize this debate has been going on for almost 40 years, it was based on a paper published in 1974 (I think) that said ADN programs would lower the standard of nursing. Yet we lowly ADN nurses do better on the tests to become nurses.
  8. head3rd

    Difference Between a New Nurse and an Old Nurse

    While I'm a new Nurse, years as an Paramedic have made me old in medicine, I love grossing out the young nurses I work with at night by heating up my food in an emesis basin or making tea in a urinal. (we run out of break room supplies a lot)
  9. head3rd

    Difference Between a New Nurse and an Old Nurse

    So true, so true
  10. head3rd

    Jobs for male nurses

    It is true there are quotas to be filled, in Nursing males are a minority. When I graduated I knew of 10 guys that all applied to the same residency and we were all hired. We made up 20% of the new hires
  11. head3rd

    Male Nurse, Female issues?

    As the only male nurse on the night shift on my unit, I want the females to treat me as a peer and not an outsider. Luckily I guess the ladies I work with are all very cool. I found it funny that after a couple of years working with them They really relaxed. There are sometimes TMI moments related to body parts, cycles and stuff but hey if it was 1 female and a bunch of guys it would be the other way around
  12. head3rd

    Benefits of being a male nurse vs Female nurse

    I think its funny I get assigned Pt's that the last shift say were a nightmare and after explaining to the Pt how "we" will be managing their care, its usually smooth sailing. Problem Pt's seem to be less of a problem for male nurses
  13. head3rd

    Have you ever been mistaken for a doctor?

    So True, it happens all the time, my last shift I had a patient calling me Doc all night, I kept telling him I was his nurse but he just kept at it. Finally he said you should be the Doctor you are the one actually taking care of me not him.....gotta love it
  14. Get a job at a local hospital as an CA/Tech/whatever they call it in your area. That way you will be seen by the people in charge of hiring GN candidates for that unit. When I graduated my facility hired 18 acute care GN's, 14 of us already worked there as CA's, in fact every CA that graduated at the same time as me had a job. Our network of hospitals hired a total of 105 GN's and had over 900 applicants
  15. head3rd

    Help with Scrub color.

    I would have gone with gray personally, all through nursing school our uniform color was light Teal, wasn't a fan but hey, they man makes the clothes not the other way around