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Med-Surg, Derm, Urology, LTC
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valley1238 specializes in Med-Surg, Derm, Urology, LTC.

I have been an LVN in CA since April 1971

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    Thank you Daytonite---you have put my mind at ease! I too love to share my experiences and I love to teach. I am the so called "official orienter" at my job --- I can usually tell in about half a shift whether someone is going to make it or not in our facility ---my DON and Administrator have a high bar --- Thank you for what you said in your previous email --- helpful to see things in writing! Would love to network with you. And by the way I know a couple of the surveyors by name so when they come I say " Hi-----!" blah, blah, blah and then pray they are having a good week! :>)
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    I am not afraid of the State Surveyors ---- like I said I have been in LTC for 8 yrs ----I have been followed on my med pass 6 times so far---- I was just curious if anyone else feels intimidated by the Survey ---- I am one of the fortunate ones from what I am reading who happens to work in a really decent facility --my DON also says "just do your job"---- we have had good surveys ---I remember when working in the hospital and JACHO was coming the atmosphere was tense and we knew when they were coming --- I think what adds to surveyors coming to LTC is you don't know when they will walk through the door. Interesting that just because I asked the question it was assumed that I am afraid. Maybe I should have said "Do surveys add to your stress level?" By the way my CNA's are not afraid of me. And of course we are all accountable to someone in our job!
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    Signed up for the website yesterday 6/15/07. I am an LVN with 36 yrs experience. Med-Surg, Derm, Urology, and now LTC. Have a question for you who are working LTC --- do you find the State Surveys intimidating?