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  1. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    Would love some advice from CRNA's and nurses accepted into CRNA programs!!!

    Hey Portland Medic, I too am a Paramedic, I am also a CRNA. Becoming a CRNA was the best thing I ever did, take what you know now and increase it a thousand fold. PLUS....no working in the rain, snow, car wrecks on busy roads with speeding traffic that doesn't give a crap that you are there. Now I sit in the OR, in a comfortable chair, wear pajamas (aka scrubs) in the air conditioning. Okay there's ALOT more to it but you know where I coming from. There is still some lifting and patient moving involved in nursing and as a CRNA, but nothing like we deal/dealt with in the field. As far as formal education, stay "in class" as much as possible. I did a Paramedic to RN Bridge (ADN) which was a formal, in class setting. After graduation I worked in a Burn ICU and did my RN to BSN online through a major university (thats the key with online education, choose programs affiliated with a major university). Alot of my co-students did their RN to BSN online. Also check with CRNA programs you are most intrested in and get their opinion. The most important thing is to keep you GPA high, score well on your GRE and get your ICU experience in a Level I ICU, i.e. at a university based hospital. There you will get the higher acuity patients that will help you build a strong critical care base for CRNA school.
  2. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    Anesthesiologists being replaced by CRNAs???

    I'm a CRNA in an ACT model. Supervision is a medicare formality for BILLING, it has absolutely nothing to do with the delivery of the anesthetic. My supervision consists of a MDA coming by sometime during the case and signing my record. Other than that they run the board, see patients in pre-op and PACU and are used for back up if needed.
  3. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    Frustration: CRNA finally within reach... I hope...

    I think you have a really good chance of being accepted to a program.
  4. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    CRNA- is a strong science background really relevant towards being a CRNA

    Hopefully one of those CRNA's will NEVER do my anesthesia.
  5. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    CRNA- is a strong science background really relevant towards being a CRNA

    Then your research ability is very inept or you've been extremely misguided. As a CRNA I prescribe and designate the anesthetics given to my patients every shift, all day long. I don't turn to a physician to see what the person wants to use. I interview the patient, review their chart, and prescribe the type of anesthetic to be given. All of the sciences included in CRNA training are necessary so that as a CRNA you understand how not only the anesthetics work but how they interact with other meds the patients is taking and the different pathophysiologic states the patient may be in.
  6. shandsburnRN-CRNA


    Different programs weight the GRE score differently. It's a pretty subjective test IMO. Your overall score is good and you did much better in the math section over the verbal. The admission commitees will look at the math score more than the other two. I would consider myself done with the GRE with your score. Good Luck!!!
  7. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    Scared to mention even the slightest interest in CRNA progams?

    I too once stood in front of my nursing class and shared my intentions to become a CRNA. I did this as a Paramedic coming into a nursing program, so I was already seen by some as an "invader" and when CRNA spewed from my mouth, I painted a target on my back in somes eyes. Today, after an ADN program, 2.5 years in a Level I ICU, a BSN program and my Masters program for anethesia training I call myself a CRNA. I never kept my mouth shut about my intentions. I didn't run around and "brag" about what I wanted to do, but if it came up in conversation I never hid it. Now that I am a CRNA I feel no different, if that is your goal, why should you hide it. Look at it this way. When a high school student or college undergrad voices intentions of medical school people applaud them. Why should it be any different for a RN voicing intentions of becoming a CRNA. As far as someone becoming a RN to get their "ticket punched" for CRNA school, this is no different than an undergrad college student in a "pre-med" track. What else are we supposed to do, to become a CRNA you have to become a RN first, and if you talk to a sincere, professional CRNA they will tell you, we are a RN first and then an anesthetist. We never stop being nurses, we have just specialized our nursing career to anesthesia. So to all of those who aspire to become CRNA's good luck to you and be proud of your choice, don't worry about the haters. To all of those who have experienced a pre-CRNA student with a big ego, don't worry, IF they get into school they will quickly be put into place.
  8. shandsburnRN-CRNA


    Hello, I am a new CRNA, finally earned my certificate and state license waaaay back in June. The facility I work is based on an hourly rate and OT for us is available via call for the general OR and for OB. Many of the CRNA's I work with earn $200,000 a year, like a previous poster stated, I have seen $300,000 per year, but they are few and far between. The whole money thing for motivation is a catch-22 position. Did I go into anesthesia for the money....well in a way yes, was it my main concern, no. But one of my goals in becoming a CRNA was to provide a better life for my wife and kids, so yes in a way money was motivation. However, I LOVE LOVE anesthesia and the care I provide my patients. Many patients are scared to death about their surgery, whether they admit it or not. Being able to talk to the patient about what I can offer them in the pre-op period, intra-op and post-op recovery and physically watching them relax when they have a better understanding is just cool. I do agree with KSCRNA, anesthesia is not shift work. I leave at all different times of the day depending on the case load for the day. Also monitoring of incoming students is important to maintain quality candidates coming into the system. I understand his/her concern, when he/she became a CRNA 30+ years ago, CRNA programs were sparse and classes were small. Today programs are popping up all over the place and class sizes are increasing, heck my class graduated 55. Has this been detrimental to the profession, I don't know, is the potential there, YES. Good luck with your future aspirations to become a CRNA, you have a LOOOONG, HARD road ahead of you. CRNA school is truly an awesome experience and being able call myself a CRNA finally is truly an unbelievable feeling.
  9. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    Decadron Question

    The antiemetic properties of Decadron are not really well understood. However, research has shown that Decadron may antagonize prostaglandin synthesis and/or release endorphins improving mood, sense of well-being and stimulation of appetite; these factors may play a role in the antiemetic effect of decadron. I was pimped for this same info as a student and that was the best I could find.
  10. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    best units to gain experience on before CRNA school

    CVICU seems to be a favorite, however any ICU with high acuity patients is beneficial. I worked in a Burn ICU before CRNA school.
  11. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    I finally made it!!!!

    Took and PASSED my board exam on Friday........woohooo!!!! I can finally change my SRNA to CRNA:D:yeah:
  12. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    Anesthesia Boards

    Just as an update. I studied only Valley for board preparation. I took my board exam this past Friday........and PASSED!!! Woohoo, the next time I deliver anesthesia, I'll be getting paid. Good Luck to everyone preparing for the big test!!!!
  13. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    Looking for OB review questions!!!

    I agree with g8rgas, I found that book helpful while in school.
  14. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    filing bankruptcy and CRNA

    You cant include educational loans in bankruptcy anymore
  15. shandsburnRN-CRNA

    Anesthesia Boards

    I dont know about other programs, but mine changed their testing format when they learned of the new NBE format, so we got tests with "multiple correct" answers, not spots, labeling, etc. for about the last year of the program....hopefully being used to that format will help me out......I plan on taking boards the middle of June. Good Luck Cyclic AMP!!!