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thirdtime has 2 years experience and specializes in L&D.

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  1. psych research?

    Hi there! I'm a nurse looking to get into research nursing, but particularly research with mental health and psych. Unfortunately (?) I didn't work in psych when I worked in a hospital. My question is, does your hospital (or facility) have researcher...
  2. I'm curious if anyone here does research mostly with psychiatric/behavioral health issues, or even neurology? If so, what kinds of research do you do - anything beyond drug studies? Feel free to add, also, how you got into your job! :) As an addendum...
  3. How do you become a super user?

    Thanks for your quick reply! I think I should have been more specific in my question....I know what a super user is, but I'm wondering how I can be one. I haven't seen any job postings for "super users" at nearby hospitals. Are they contract jobs? Or...
  4. How do you become a super user?

    I've been an L&D nurse for about 5 years now, and am starting to really dislike it, mostly because I don't want to do bedside nursing anymore. I used to work with computers (doing low-end graphic design/desktop publishing and digital output) and ...
  5. to be a nurse or not to be a nurse

    Hmm. I've thought about administration type stuff because there's less (if any) patient interaction. :) I don't know how to get into more "office" type work in nursing apart from having some experience at clinical (patient) nursing, then working up ...
  6. to be a nurse or not to be a nurse

    Yeah, I agree that's not enough money to be making. You feel bad for the techniques you've been taught to make the sale? What, are you torturing people to buy stuff? If what you're selling is so easy, let them try to do it themselves. I actually foun...
  7. to be a nurse or not to be a nurse

    OOPS!!!! Ok, so I wasn't finished when I accidentally posted my reply, and now I just lost the extremely long reply I had typed up. So I'll be shorter in this one. I was in my early 30's when I considered nursing, so my experience is a little differ...
  8. to be a nurse or not to be a nurse

    Wow, that sounds familiar. In 2003, after months of career exploration, I looked at a newspaper and saw all the ads for nurses wanted. I thought to myself, "it's perfect. I want to help people and do something meaningful, I'm attentive to details, I ...