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  1. Hi dishes, Im planning for Ontario, I have done some research and as I read the posts here, it seems that I cant apply for RN, too bad though, and as I read petgroomers post, gosh! I don't have the luxury of time to get one module yearly, so I guess I have to change province, Im thinking Nova Scotia, since a friend of mine already have a permit to exam and she said some hospitals do hire them even if she's not CRN yet.
  2. Hi Pickles, One quick question why applying Registered Practical Nurse and not Registered Nurse? Im also planning for Canada and like you an RN here in the Philippines.
  3. cheerbear

    US retrogression update

    Im also waiting patiently for my PD, and I guess trying a new country aside from US is really something to look up too, some of my friends are already scattered around the world, and Im still here waiting (bump!) About working visa, they said that its not that easy to get one, you must have specialties like nurse anethetist etc. and is it true that once you already applied for EB3 visa you cannot apply for EB 1 anymore?