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  1. I get the basics- the radical left is trying to take our freedom and turn us into obedient sheep. But, there are a couple parts of the anti-vax narrative I am having trouble following: 1- The role of the doctors. Actual doctors are overwhelmingly pushing for vaccinations. is it because they have been duped, or are they in on the con? From the anti-vax viewpoint, are they part of the liberal agenda to subjugate all Americans? Really weird, because doctors are as politically split as the rest of the country. Plenty of conservative republican doctors. Why can't they see this power grab? 2- The Flu. Somehow the fact that flu is way down is being used as part of the narrative. I am completely missing this. Obviously with masks and precautions flu is down. But, somehow, this is being used as proof of something, and I don't get it. Serious questions. I won't debate anybody here. I really want to understand how these two things fir in.
  2. This article could have been published by Gomerblog. It is unreal that these idiots could be so dense, and still run hospitals. The only way to have not known this was coming was to have eyes shut, fingers in ears and walk the hospital halls singing "LA LA LA..." He said it is hard to compete with the travel agencies, which are charging hospitals $165 to $170 an hour per nurse. He said the agencies take a big cut of that, but he estimated that nurses are still clearing $70 to $90 an hour, which is two to three times what the hospital pays its staff nurses. "I think clearly people are taking advantage of the demand that is out there," Shields said. "I hate to use `gouged' as a description, but we are clearly paying a premium and allowing people to have fairly high profit margins." This, my friend is simple economics. You pay below market value, staff goes elsewhere to earn market value. You then pay a premium to the agency supplying the commodity you put no effort into conserving. Coule cited a recent example in which his hospital in Georgia hired a respiratory therapist through an agency to replace a staff member who had decided to accept a traveling gig. The replacement came from the same hospital where his respiratory therapist had just gone to work. "Essentially we swapped personnel but at double the cost," he said. No, you did not "swap personnel at double the cost" You lost a potentially long term valuable employee, and temporarily patched a staffing hole at double the hourly rate. Your cost is going to be a hell of a lot more than double when you have to actually hire and train somebody to replace the traveller. The lack of understanding of simple math is astounding. Missing from the article was a hospital exec explaining what they were doing to mitigate this problem.
  3. hherrn

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    How's the ratio in your ICU, vaccinated VS unvaccinated? Anecdotal experience is pretty weak evidence for decision making. How do the actual numbers look in your state?
  4. hherrn

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    Obviously there is no long term data for something that has existed for a short time. Pandemic.
  5. hherrn

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    Inflation. It will be 12 rights soon. Right to choose name brand vs generic, right policy double checked.....
  6. hherrn

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    Do you believe this? Do you actually believe that if the employer provided a provision that a vaccine injury would be covered by worker's comp, these folks would be lining up? Oddly all those who wouldn't get it because it was not FDA approved did not line up for it once the inevitable approval came through.
  7. hherrn

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    Would you like MMR mandates for schools rescinded? And, you really didn't answer the crux of the question. We have always been mandated to have vaccines, but there has never been a massive politically motivated movement to prevent vaccinations as now. To get where you are, you have multiple mandated vaccines.
  8. hherrn

    Do you think you are a "hero"?

    A nurse who pulls a victim out of a burning car is a hero. A firefighter who does the same is not. A nurse who shows up to work during a pandemic is an employee. Sure the risk level is higher than normal, but still much lower than loggers, commercial fishermen and other professions. While appreciate fisherman, I don't consider them heroic.
  9. hherrn

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    Yup. Add Covid to the list. You know about the pandemic, right?
  10. hherrn

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    MAYBE YOU COULD EXPLAIN WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. "We" are already required to take vaccines in order to work as nurses. As a patient, you have a right to refuse. You can refuse your TB test, or hep shot, or whatever. As an AMERICAN, you can stand for freedom and refuse to have BLS. As a nurse, you are required to be vaccinated. This vaccine is not about you the patient. It is about the patient you care for. Also- there is a pandemic.
  11. I agree with your sentiment, but not with your conclusion. For a true professional, like a doctor, there are professional standards, as there should be. If one violates those standards, regardless of personal intentions, there can be consequences. If a pediatrician all of a sudden started recommending against MMR, It would be incumbent upon the American Board of Pediatrics to intervene.
  12. hherrn

    Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    Same as when I was hired. What kind of system are you in in which you were not required to be vaccinated to go to school then work?
  13. What the hell do those guys know about Ivermectin? Are you actually going to compare idiot scientists to Tucker Carlson?
  14. Disregard my last response. I just re-read this post, saw your credentials, and realize you meant it sarcastically or ironically. Obviously you are being ironic, or just shooting for a reaction.
  15. Could be the refrigerated trucks full of bodies we had?
  16. hherrn

    At what point can mandates go too far?

    My opinion is that when the mandates are in conflict with the consensus of evidence and expert opinion, it has gone to far. I gave they hypothetical example of requiring multiple masks. I used a hypothetical example, because I have not seen any actual examples.