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  1. hherrn

    What rhythm is this?

    It's a slow one. How far did you get in your interpretation? What do you know about this strip? As in, what do you see?
  2. Oddly enough, those most in favor of opening schools are least in favor of the type of public health structure that would enable schools to re-open.
  3. I could easily have a pt with an ICD and not know it if it was not related to the chief complaint. If I did know it, I would not have written it in a note. So, how did you ulimately learn about the ICD if not from the chart? Did it go off by surprise?
  4. Having nurses cross train and gain exposure to other units would mitigate many of these issues. Anybody who thinks the ICU is yuking it up should spend a little time balancing dromotropic vs chronotropic meds on a sedated PT. Similarly, anybody who thinks that the different practices used in the ER represent some sort of global incompetence in the field, should spend a bit of time in the environment. Talk to float nurses. They have a great perspective, and are always the easiest to deal with when PTs go from one environment to another. When I am precepting, I have preceptees accompany admissions to help them gain some understanding of the process, and the mindset of floor/unit nurses.
  5. When I worked ICU we had remote coverage at night. EICU where a doc at a remote site monitoring a large group of PTs they had never seen. I was shocked at ho wquickly they could make critical decisions on PT's they had not seen. ICU nurse to nurse reports were close to 15 minute each, and these remote docs could make important decisions in 2 minutes. That is when I started focusing more on the doc's documentation to learn more about my PTs. Frankly, they are better at it than us. I can read an ER doc summary, basic hx, and course of care in in 3-4 minutes. In a perfect world, receiving RN would have an opportunity to review the chart- 5 minutes should do it. ER nurse could give a brief verbal presentation covering the big picture and nuanced issued not well covered in EMR. Receiving nurse could ask questions about issues not in the EMR. This would be done in a certain time frame. X minutes. If either side can not meet their obligation, a brief variance report will be filed with periodic reviews to ascertain personnel vs system issues.
  6. Excellent points regarding some of the throughput issues faced in an ER. The assessments and screenings you refer to are irrelevant and inaccurate. ENA and ACEP both push to streamline patient care and reduce all this wasted time. But, the issue in your OP is a bit different and has to do with time from decision to admit and actually moving the patient to the floor. What would you recommend to meet that goal? Also- thanks for listening and communicating well. This thread could easily go off on track into unit vs unit nonsense.
  7. hherrn

    Do Black Nurses Have a Different Experience?

    I used to come to this forum for fun, information, and to see what was happening elsewhere in nursing. Now it is more about gaining an understanding of the divide in this country. OP- thanks for posting this. And for those who for those who completely lack any understanding of why this conversation is so important right now- thanks as well. I try to listen to what you are saying. It is disturbing, but I would rather it is out where I can see it.
  8. hherrn

    face shields

    Yup. They will help protect against splashes and sprays, and should certainly be used for all confirmed and suspected, and maybe be used for all PTs. Anybody else required to wear them at the nurses station?
  9. hherrn

    face shields

    A regulatory agency just came through our hospital and mandated all clinical staff wear face shields in addition to masks regardless of unit. We have designated Covid units, but even in other units, even at the nursing station, etc.. Anybody else doing this? Anybody have a link supporting this? It seems ridiculous.
  10. hherrn

    Covid wedding... am I the bad guy?

    "covid is just now spiking where I live, I work in critical care," It is interesting that the focus here is protecting the OP/family. The reality is that he may actually be the one at high risk of transmitting. When I interact outside of the hospital, I feel my risks are minute compared to work. No doubt the public thinks I wear a mask because I am scared of getting Covid. My concern is giving.
  11. WOW!. I was gone for a while, just popped bak in to have a look- same nonsense. He refers to the measures successfully used by other countries to control Covid and return to normal as "tyranny". And you want to have a rational conversation?
  12. hherrn

    Black Lives Matter Protests and Medical Care

    My perspective on the legal standpoint- Not an expert, though I did research this a bunch when I used to teach the liability portion of wilderness first aid courses I taught. I think the risk is hard to quantify, and small. For starters, in order for this to come back on you, you will have to cause some harm. There is always fear of an unreasonable and vindictive BON going after your license. It is a common concern with nurses. Can't even thing about how often the subject of "protecting my license" comes up. I think for most nurses, spending some time browsing BON suspensions wold allay some of that concern. But- Obviously there is some risk. The risk of being bit by a shark is pretty small, and drops to zero if you keep out of the ocean. Same concept here. I suspect that many of the folk here advising caution partake in activities that pose a far greater risk to their well being than volunteering to do first aid at a protest. Good luck. And do some research on protecting yourself from chemical agents.
  13. hherrn

    Should Social Media shut down Conspiracy Theories?

    Nah. You could choose to not agree. Nobody forced it on you or coerced you. Ergo, voluntary. It's a nursing forum, not a basic necessity.
  14. hherrn

    Should Social Media shut down Conspiracy Theories?

  15. hherrn

    To my preceptor, future students beware (rant)

    I wouldn't be too concerned about the childish attitude. Given the date of the OP, he or she may well be 50% older than when it was written.
  16. hherrn

    Racist patient. What to do?

    It is not wrong. Let him go. If it is important to you, maybe you could contact him, and try to explain boundaries, but I would think it would be simpler to just let him go and move on. Unfortunately, he represents a good chunk of this country, so be prepared for more disappointment. I don't think that there is an uptick in racism, but I do think racists have been shown it is OK to make themselves heard.

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