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  1. HopefulRN09

    Tulsa Tech LPN Program

    Has anyone taken the program? I was just wondering what it was like, where do you do your clinical rotations? how long does it take to complete? I know someone said it was sort of a self-paced course. Just trying to get some info. thanks for the feedback:spin:
  2. I have lived in the area for four years now. can't complain it is a nice place to live. Dont know how it compares to Joplin but you will probably like it. As far as St Francis hospital Broken Arrow goes the building is still there but it is all but moved to the St Francis Heart hospital at 91st and 169hwy. Now the main St Francis at 61st and yale is still there and getting bigger as we speak, so I imagine which ever you chose there will plenty of oppurtunity for growth in you career. Hope This helps