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  1. Cacau

    SUNY DELHI anyone?

    That's great that you are already there. I guess your class will be the first one to graduate. I just applied also; hope to start in the summer. I know that they are not accredited yet. I am not sure how it would affect our diploma since we are already registered. May I ask you some things? What prerequisites they asked you to do? Can you do them online too? Thanks a lot.
  2. Cacau

    SUNY DELHI anyone?

    Hello, I basically have the same life style and same questions about SUNY Delhi that you have. Did you start already? I just applied. I will start in the Summer. The only thing I know is that they are not accredited yet. Let me know if you have other info, please.
  3. Cacau

    chemical dependency/addictions nursing

    i am a rn working in a drug-free, outpatient cd program for the past 10 months. so, i do not give medications. i do the nurse part of the intake process, run groups and i even help the counselors when their caseload is too big by having 2 or 3 clients of my own (for individual counseling, i mean). i really like to help the clients and when i do, it makes my day. but sometimes i feel i do not do enough because i never had a drug/alcohol problem or a family member to relate with. it makes me so insecure. sometimes i feel like giving up and find an "easy money job" like someone posted before. i will start the casac courses today to see if it helps me. any word of encouragement, please...