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  1. student4nur

    PMHNP - Preceptor

    Looking for PMHNP Preceptor in NC - Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill and surrounding areas , May - July 2020. Thank you!
  2. student4nur

    Advice for Studying

    I am in the same boat, I'm left with two semesters to graduate but it seems no matter how much I study I still fail the test. I joined a group study, I study own my own and I do questions but still I'm not getting a passing grade. I'm left with one test and a final of which I need to make high 80s. I don't want to give up but sometimes it so frustrating.
  3. student4nur

    I just got a BIG FAT D

    I am so disappointed too. I got a 70 and I thought I really understood the concepts. The test was on male reproductive, urinary, and fluids and electrolytes. Now my average is 78% and we still have one more test and a final. I'm hoping to do better on the next exam and pull my average grade to 80%. Any tips on how to study for the GI and respiratory systems.

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