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    Funny Names

    Sir-Anthony .... that was just his first name.

    Advice anyone?

    I have been a level 3 nicu nurse for almost 7 months now and I'm finding my current workin situation leaves me feeling very uneasy because of the people I work around. (Not a teamworking enviornment) As a new nurse in such a critical area I feel I need more. I have an option to go to another, well known and respected hospital. My questions are, is it too soon? Also, I like both level 3 and level 2. The place that I may go to have their nicu separate so I would have to choose one. Which nicu do you have a preference for? Thank you so much for your input.

    Level III Or Level II, Preference?

    I've been on my own for a few months now in a level 3 nicu amd ive been rotated a few times to level two and im beginning to feel that I have a preference for level 2. Do you have a preference and would you mind explaining why? I am trying to see if level 3 is really where I want to me. Your input would be of great help. :)

    NICU job offers...which one?!?!

    One thing that I noticed was that job #1 was a 2 week day, 2 week night shift. I think that would be really hard to do. I had my orientation on that same schedule and I could never sleep. (2-3 hours of intermittent, less than restful sleep) I went to the Dr. to get on a sleep aid and he said you cant do that kind of thing to your body. You need to choose day shift or night shift and stick with a routine so your body can get used to it. He said something about the Human growth hormone, the times it peaks and how many different things it can effect. Well...this is just my story but I hope it helps.


    I thought it would be neat to start a thread where we can post some of the complemets parents give us when we are taking care of thier little bundles of joy. Today I had two compliments from two different familys. Doesn't it make you feel good when parents ask if you are going to be the one taking care of their baby the next day. I had a parent ask me if they could request that I be their nurse. That just made my day.

    Does the stress level taper down at all?

    Ive been doing this for a few months now and it has really been taking a toll phyically and mentally. Does anyone reccomend a NICU that doesnt fall victim of cliques, straggliers, and big headed NNP's and Drs? If so, please do share. :) All I want to do is perform my job the best I can and I dont like all of this negative interference.

    does anybody NOT like nicu???

    I am a NICU RN, I absolutely love taking care of babies. I don't love the tenseness of the unit along with the cliques. I feel like I am in high school all over again. Except this time we are supposed to be watching over little lives not chatting it up and playing on the computer all night. Is it like that everywhere?