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  1. yelodazee

    Help 91 questions?

    Thanks to you all, I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!! Checking this board for the past 48 hours has been one of the few things that eased my anxiety!
  2. yelodazee

    Just failed Nclex-RN - Hints on Studying

    A friend of mine said she thought that the mosby book mostly resembled the way nclex was presented. If it helps any I don't think that was a test you can study for...I think it is all in test taking skills. For that I would try the Kaplan book at Barnes and Noble, or I purchased mine online ebay, current 2007 bk, for 11.00. Good luck to you, as I always tell my buddies, we didn't make it this far because we don't know the material, I seriously think it is all test taking skills and axiety!
  3. yelodazee


    So far there has been two of my classmates that got all 265 and they both passed! And one of them said she knows she got the last three questions wrong because she looked them up. I know it's hard to do because I took mine as well this am, but relax, I would have felt better if I had 265 or 75 but I had 91. I feel like the oddball out!
  4. yelodazee

    Help 91 questions?

    Ok, somebody please help me! I am going to go crazy. Took nclex rn today. I had 91 questions I think, I stopped looking at 89, and I got at least one, maybe two more questions after that. I feel so nervous because I felt like t complete idiot during the entire test. Everyone from my class who has taken the test so far has had 75 questions, including those who took it today with me. Yikes!!! Has anyone passed with 91? I WAS a good student, I had high grades, and I scored very high on the hesi 1023, when the majority of my class failed. I always though of myself as a good test taker, but 91 completely freaks me out. How will I make it 2 days?????