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  1. Thanks for the information. I live in anaheim and travelling all the way to UCLA is too long and an added expense.This is why i need some info on the quality of CUFullerton and CULong Beach. Info on the success of their program will be highly appreciated. It will help me make my mind on the two. Any graduates from these universities?
  2. Thanks a lot for the advice guys on the reality on the ground.I never had this during the information centers at the universities.However got a dilema wheather to go to CASUF or CASULB.Which is the best?.I live in anaheim and i would appreciate some advice on which nursing school to go to.
  3. This forum is very educative,keep it up guys.:spin: I need some quick advice. Does the ELMSN allow one to earn enough experience to become a fully competent nurse after becoming a RN?I would not like to just be in school for 3 years learning theory without practical experience in nursing. I think experience is crucial for one to become an excellent nurse. What are its advantages and disadvantages of the ELM? Also anyone out there with info on the quality of CASUF ELMSN will be highly welcomed and appreciated.
  4. i am planing to apply for an entry MSN in Orange county and i dont know if to apply to CU FULLERTON OR CU LONG BEACH OR CU L.A.Which among these is the best in terms of quality?.