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  1. hawkswin

    Thought I wanted FNP, not I am not sure

    Perhaps a clinical nurse specialist track might be a better fit for you. You can be an advance practice nurse in the fast paced setting of an ICU if that is your thing. I am torn myself.
  2. hawkswin

    Graduate Nurse, but treated as an Aide

    Not to be harsh, but you ask what is the difference between the day before your NCLEX and the day after? The day before it's assumed you will pass based on national pass rate averages. The day after no assumptions are necessary, you've demonstrated that you did not pass the NCLEX (for now). If the NCLEX is a test of competence, and you fail it, you can see how the hospital you're working for can not continue to allow you to provide RN-level care. That said, people fail their NCLEX and it isn't that they aren't competant RNs, it just may mean they aren't great test takers. So stay the course and make the best of it and know that many, many GNs who fail the NCLEX in the country are in the same boat as you - working as an aide waiting to re-test.
  3. hawkswin

    Anyone doing Kaplain Q-bank?

    I did the Kaplan question trainer. If nothing else, the fact that I scored > 65% on each one made me less anxious to take the NCLEX. In hindsight, the difficulty level of the Kaplan questions prepared me for some of the hard questions of the NCLEX. I wasn't a huge fan of the Kaplan course, but I found the question trainer to be very helpful.
  4. hawkswin

    How many got only 75 questions?

    Congrats to Shanangins, Victoria and Purp! This is just the very best feeling. I keep waking up each morning and thinking "I did it, I am an RN" I work at a facility where there are lots of LPNs. They have all been so warm and supportive. I am greatful to be an RN and mindful of the responsability that comes with it. I refuse to be snotty to other levels of nursing and hope the "magic" of this acheivement always stays with me.
  5. hawkswin

    I think I failed for the 2nd time

    Having just done through the agonizing wait a few days ago, I know this is hard, but I must say it anyway - don't borrow trouble. The odds are in your favor that you passed this time. Try and remember EVERYONE feels like a$$ after testing, everyone goes and looks up questions they were unsure on and discovers they answered wrong, and everyone is just SURE they failed. Take your mind of it, excercise and let us know when you get the news.
  6. hawkswin

    How long to get your ATT??

    I feel lucky. My school takes care of all of this for us. They have a little packet that they handed out in class and made us all fill out all the forms, requests for transcripts, etc right then, write all the checks and money orders, and then give the packet to them. They were right on top of it after we graduated. They made sure all the transcripts came to them, they double checked everything, then hand delivered them to the State BON. My school has a reputation of getting their stuff done the fastest, and grads from my school are always the first ones of the schools in the area to get the ATTS and get scheduled to test. It helps that our SON sec. has been doing this for 30 years. She rocks!
  7. hawkswin

    Planning to take NCLEX...8 years after graduation.

    I recommend a mix of Kaplan, Saunders and perhaps the online review people on here speak so highly of (the one through the National Council's website - there is a link some place on this board). I think it is really important for you to do a content review. Also, mixing up your review sources keeps you from becomming too accustomed to one style. If you don't mix it up, you will be stunned on test day when the NCLEX feels nothing like the questions you've been practicing on.
  8. hawkswin

    How many got only 75 questions?

    Keep us posted on your results. Mine came in 24 hours through my state board of nursing website. They still haven't shown up yet on "quick results". I really feel for those in Cali who have to wait weeks.
  9. hawkswin

    How many got only 75 questions?

    Victoria - try and relax, I know easier said than done. I too got a 1058 on my HESI the first time I took it, a 1215 the second time (my school tested us twice), got As in school, and got 75 on the nclex and passed. Until about 12 hours ago when I found out, I was destroyed thinking I had failed. Our stories sound similar, and I suspect your result will be the same. That said, man in hindsight I don't feel the HESI is a very good replica of the NCLEX! I left the HESI feeling like I owned that thing - not at all after taking the NCLEX.
  10. hawkswin

    this can't be good...

    Well I got the news that I passed! I sware it feels like a miracle. Everyone I talked to was pretty annoyed with me - saying "give me a break, you passed" I kept saying, "no you don't understand - I am just sure I failed. I know everyone says that, but I really did!" Anyway, I am happy to look like a fool on this one. I am on cloud nine!
  11. hawkswin

    How many got only 75 questions?

    I got 75 questions and just found out I passed!! YEA FOR ALL OF US!!!! RNS kick a$$! Let's all never forget how grateful and happy we feel right now so that we always provide compassionate, non-burned out care to people.
  12. hawkswin

    this can't be good...

    I got 75 questions today, no med calcs, lots of priority just like everyone else has been saying. However, I got a few very basic fundemental questions. I am super freaked out that because I got some of those super easy, not even really RN-level care questions that I fear is a sure sign I failed. I feel sick about the test.