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  1. freedom22

    Refused Transfer because Im in school

    I have been trying to apply without success in my hospital for a position in the ICU. I currently work in intermediate care, have excellent references, a great reputation and Im involved in many committees. However, when I interviewed for a position for our SICU I was denies the transfer because I admitted that I just stated NP school. Last Wednesday I interviewed for a position to our MICU- the interview went well, but when they asked if Im in school and I said yes the look in their faces was not good. Now I havent heard from them and I spoke to nurses on that floor who stated that I wont get the position because Im in school. What can I do about this? Should I drop out of school? Should I call the manager and try to argue my position- Im only in school one night a week and wont graduate for another 3.5 years. Please, ANY advice would be appreciated!!
  2. freedom22

    Exceeding Expectations: My First Mission Trip

    How do you find out about these mission trips? Where do I sign up? Thanks.