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  1. peachbye

    For Everyone Starting Nursing School in May of '08!

    starting at mount st joseph in cincinnati in May 08 :nuke:
  2. peachbye

    Really a two year wait?

    Hello, I actually haven't started my program yet but it is a direct entry MN program in the Cincinnati area for people who already hold bachelors degrees. It is College of Mount St Joseph. It is 15 months long, and starts every May and lasts until August the next year. I can't give you too much feedback since the program hasn't started yet, but the class schedule for summer is M-TH classes during the day and it looks like clinical days will be during the last two weeks in the semester. From the other post it looks like the program runs similar to UC's program as it is a cohort program. The people and contacts at the school have been very helpful so far. My bachelors degree came from Ohio State, so I wanted to find a school that was a lot different from the big university atmosphere that I was used to and that played a big part in my decision. Good luck!
  3. peachbye

    Hep B Question

    Thank you for your response! Sorry my question was a bit too personal. I guess my main question was how often these blood tests are wrong. I didn't mean to include too much info. I guess my bachelors degree in health promotion freaked me out because of what I already know, along with taking microbiology. I don't want to catch anything. However, I loved microbiology so much (probably one of my favorite classes I've taken from my previous degree) that I really want to learn more about infectious disease and I really think this is something that I'd want to work in after graduation next year too. Since I'd love to focus on this I have to make sure I'm immune to as much as possible! :) Thanks again!
  4. peachbye

    Hep B Question

    I wasn't sure of the best forum to post this question, but hopefully I can get some input here! I'm starting nursing school in May, and of course we have health requirements to complete, including the Hep B Vaccine. I didn't remember having this series because from the dates below I was very young, but according to my medical records I had it in 1988,1989, and then the third dose wasn't given until 1996. In 1996 I also had my MMR booster, so I'm assuming that this is when my parents/Dr realized that I never went back in for my 3rd dose so it was just given at that time. I'm 24 now, so my current doctor, who of course I wasn't seeing when I was a kid, gave me a blood test to see if I was immune because of the spread out dates. The test came back fine and that I had immunity from hep B, but I was wondering if these tests ever came back inaccurate? Is it very likely that the blood test would be wrong and I could still get hep B? I guess I worry and I would have thought that the series wouldn't have been effective since it was given so spread out(according to the schedule I was looking at on the CDC website)? My Dr seems to think it is fine, but aren't there schedules for vaccines for a reason? I just want some reassurance that my blood test does really show what it is supposed to show. Thanks in advance! Any input is appreciated. :nuke:
  5. peachbye

    Nashville/Franklin--Healthways (RN Care Coordinator)

    Also Healthways did make this list for 2008.... FORTUNE's 2008 list of "100 Best Companies to Work For." The Company ranked No. 80.
  6. peachbye

    Nashville/Franklin--Healthways (RN Care Coordinator)

    I work for Healthways, but I am a Lifestyle Management coach currently until I start nursing school. My bachelors degree is in Health Promotion/Exercise Science and we don't have Disease Management at our location but I can still tell you about the environment. I make $16.65 an hour, so I know an RN would obviously make more but I don't know how much. Honestly, this is my first job out of school and it is what made me want to go back to school to continue my education and find something hands on. I really hate sitting all day long at a desk and answering phone calls and making outgoing calls. A lot of times I feel like a telemarketer and get hung up on. However, I really do truly value those people that I have been speaking with on a regular basis that do enjoy and look forward to my monthly calls, which does make the job worthwhile. Personally I just can't sit still very long, and a desk job isn't for me. I don't have much to compare to since this is my first job out of school, but the benefits seem pretty good. I get about 7 hours of PTO accrued for each biweekly paycheck which seems nice. Good luck!
  7. peachbye

    Mount Saint Joseph Cincy MN direct-entry students?

    I will also be starting the program in May 2008. I'm pretty excited! To all that started in 2007 or already graduated --- how is everything going? Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated!:nuke: