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    Need guidance RN-MSN/FNP

    Hello there I am hoping someone can help me out here. I am a new grad (2006) and I am currently persuing my BSN and then want to persue my MSN and then obtain my Family Nurse Practitioner. My ultimate goal is to be a pediatrician but due to having 3 small kids I am choosing to take the slow route and attend med school when my kids are older. Here is my question....is it true that Nurse Practitioner's are having a hard time finding jobs? I want to be a FNP and work in a pediatrician's office. Is that even possible? I am getting conflicting information and would love for some clarification. I would hate to do all of this work and spend all of this money to further my education if it is not going to pay off at the end. It is not all about the money but I just would like to know that I will be ok financially at the end of my education road. So please someone out there I would love all comments and help. Thanks!