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  1. eligrace

    LPN looking at the UK

    I am an LPN in the US and thinking of moving to the UK. I am wondering how this works if I want to work in the nursing field.
  2. eligrace

    Anyone know about Demerol?

    Demerol masks the pain with heavy CNS sedation. The sedation can impede recovery by not only not treating the pain, but by also limiting energy supplies that pts need to recover. And, if given for migraines, the heavy CNS sedation can promote rebound migraines once the sedation starts to wear off. There are many other pain medicines that are much "cleaner" for the pt that do a much better job at controlling the pain while able to be alert and participate in their recovery.
  3. eligrace

    Team Nursing

    I worked at a hospital that did "team nursing" for about 2 months. HATED IT! You do all of the CNA work & 1/2 of the RN work. I didn't get to sit in on report, I was expected to pass meds, without any kind of report! Our shift started at 7 and I wouldn't see the RN until 9 or later. Meanwhile I am doing meds and cares on people that I know nothing about! It felt extremely unsafe and I feel that patient care really suffered! I would be very vocal and organized with your concerns right from the beginning and hopefully your hospital will not slip in to this mess.
  4. eligrace

    Waterloo Nursing

    I did work for Covenant, however not on the floor. I worked in the clinic.
  5. eligrace

    Waterloo Nursing

    Covenant is a good organization to work for. As a hospital CNA you will still be doing much of the same tasks however they will be geared toward restoration, not merely maintaining. I would suggest going to the website and filling out an application. I am sure they would love to talk with you. Good luck!
  6. eligrace

    LPN? How much lifting is required in LTC

    Nursing is an extremely physical job! Staffing, especially in LTC, can be iffy so you can't always depend on someone else to be there. And, as you can delegate the lifting and such, at the end of the day it is YOUR responsibility that it all be done. And remember, there is no delegating in clinicals. Most often you are the total caregiver. I would strongly recommend that you speak with your dr. first. You might be able to build your back up with physical therapy, they are really doing amazing things these days. I once had a CNA as a resident at a LTC facility. He hurt his back while working there and now is wc bound for life. We definitely need all the nurses that we can get however you do need to be sure that is a job that is safe for you.
  7. eligrace

    Other Options For LPN's

    I am thinking of a similar road. How did you get started?
  8. eligrace

    Other Options For LPN's

    I have been considering something similar, would you please let me know how to start. Thanks, Elisha
  9. eligrace

    My Feet Are SCREAMING!!!

    I'm glad that you got some relief! I got my cortisone shot in the office in the am and walked downstairs and worked a 12 hour shift on M/S. I could not believe how much better it felt! You have to get the pain and inflammation out of the way before any stretching or anything else will work. Now that it isn't so inflamed you can try a few gentle stretches to stretch back out the fascia and hamstring. Try propping your toes against the side of the wall at a 45-50 degree angle to the wall abd slowly lean forward and hold for a couple of seconds. Or, if you have stairs handy, let your heels hang off the step and slowly lower yourself down a bit then rise back up. Both of these exercieses will lengthen back out the fascia and hamstring which shortens with the inflam. This will help so that the pain doesn't come back. The nice thing about these 2 exercises is that they are totally portable and you can do them while working. You can even chart or look over your reports while doing them! I wish you and your feet smoother days ahead! Elisha
  10. eligrace

    What do you think of agency LPNs?

    I am just now considering going back to agency. I loved it! I had very steady positions at some really interesting clinics. I worked for 2 different agencies, that way I didn't have to worry so much about not having any hours. The paperwork can be a challenge, but that never hurt anyone. Your patient care is always the same. If you have a CF pt, you treat a CF patient. The paperwork you can get done. And, as far as family calls and questions regarding patient history, your CNAs are your best resource. Find someone who has been there a while and knows the people and then keep them close! The agencies I worked for took care of taxes and I even had benefits! Most agencies like 1 years experience but it never hurts to talk to one or two. Good luck!
  11. eligrace

    How much does your state charge for your nursing license?

    Iowa's renewal rate is $99.00 now. And the LPN license is now the same as the RN. (Of course salaries are not even in the same ball park!).
  12. eligrace

    Question about donating blood

    I am a nurse for the ARC blood services. As long as you have taken your last dose of atb you are fine to donate. As for wellbutrin, that isn't a problem. There are only a few medicines that have a long deferral period. Thank you for donating!! Our supplies get really low in the summer! Very few people who are able actually donate and when people get busy in the summer that number drops even more! So thank you!
  13. eligrace


    I have a vine around my right forearm. It has caused me a bit of grief at work early on but not too much anymore. I got mine about 15 years ago. I was new to that area so I didn't know of anyone word of mouth. I had seen this parlor downtown. Nice looking building, nice neighborhood. Then I was talking to a gal at work who had a friend who was also an artist and did his freehand. I went to that one, was very happy with it. Then about 2 weeks later the original place that I was going to use got shut down for 3 cases of Hep C. Talk about squeaking by! Needless to say that is the only one that I have.
  14. eligrace

    Starting a home health care agency

    I am wanting to start my own HH agency and PRN staffing agency in Iowa but am at a loss as to how and what to bill for services, where to begin the insurance nightmare and how to compensate employees. I've never really been concerned with the compensation of care aspect before so now I am a little lost. Any ideas where to start?
  15. eligrace

    do any of you work in anything other than ltc as an LPN?

    I have been an LPN for about 10 years. I have worked LTC (to get my feet wet), Med/Surg, Tele, assist in ICU and ER. I have worked Mental Health, Clinics and now for the American Red Cross. Also I am about to venture into owning my own agency. There are a lot of possibilities for us.