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  1. NatlovesFifi

    Organization in Clinicals

    Hi again, I've heard a couple of you mention your "brains". Where can I get some. Ha!Ha! So far I mostly feel like a deer in headlights when my Instructor or team leader stops me in the hall to tell me to do something and I'm right in the middle of something. I have completely forgotten what they told me to do a couple of times. I've learned I need to take the time to write it down so I can say, yes I did that, next time. What is this..."brains"?
  2. NatlovesFifi

    Organization in Clinicals

    Thanks you guys so much for taking the time to reply. These ideas look great and will help me alot. I feel alot better now and ready for my next clinical day!
  3. NatlovesFifi

    Organization in Clinicals

    Hi, I'm in my 2nd rotation of clinicals in a hospital and I need some organizational skills! I seem to be spending most of my time fumbling through my pockets looking for things. My Instructor keeps saying I need to pick up my speed. We are basically doing PCA duties now and I feel so scatter brained. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Anything! Thanks, Paige
  4. NatlovesFifi

    LPN / ADN / BSN / MSN. Whats YOUR plan?

    My plan is to get through LPN school.
  5. NatlovesFifi

    Anyone know of Magical way to remember Prefixes & Suffixes

    Thanks so much everyone for your replies.
  6. Just starting out in LPN Program. Any ideas on how to remember prefixes and suffixes. Example: colpo-, costo-, dacry- I have pages of them and am wondering how I'll remember them all. Thanks,
  7. NatlovesFifi

    LPN Cost..

    What is WIA through the local unemployment office? My brother changed careers recently @ age 40 and the State of LA paid for his schooling through the unemployment office. Would this be the same thing? I have not had a chance to talk with him about this.
  8. NatlovesFifi

    Do you ever question yourself if you can/want to do this?

    I too am wondering if I am going to be able to do this. I've been waiting for another LPN class to start this fall as I missed the one last fall. I'm 43 and I've always wanted to do it and always thought I could. I started CNA training about 6 months ago in LTC and thought I would work in LTC until I finished nursing school, but the 2nd day of training and the first room we went in to a man had been lying in his diahrea for some time and it stunk so bad. I could not handle the smell and had to leave the room. I didn't complete CNA training and felt very bad about myself. I even gave up the idea of becoming a nurse, but I keep coming back to it. I'm thinking I would want to work in a health clinic or home health, and most likely will be using my nursing skills in the mission field. I would also take every opportunity to say to my patient something about Jesus like "Jesus Loves You". Sometimes we don't have to say a thing but people will see him through us and notice there is something different and peaceful about us. I'm curious as to how your feeling about it these days and would love to chat with you about it because it sounds like we're in the same boat. Paige
  9. Hi, I'm a nursing student and have been visiting a nursing home (visiting grandmother). Some of the patients have so much to say and don't seem to want to stop talking. I LOVE sitting and listening to them but eventually have to go. Some seem so desperate to talk to someone. So Lonely. How does a nurse handle this situation when they are so busy but don't want to be rude and just walk away. One little lady caught me and just looked at me so desperately and grabbed ahold of my hand mumbling about her family (I couldn't understand her), then she would start singing. Every time I said, "Your ok, everything is ok...I have to go" she would practically beg me not to leave her. Finally, I had to just walk away. I felt so awful about this all evening. I wanted to just stay and hold her hand as long as I could. It just amazes me to see the old folks who have lived such a long life and have seen so many things change and here they sit in a nursing home like little babies. They deserve the utmost respect and loving care. They need to be told "Yes, Maam or Yes, Sir". Knowing that this is most likely the line of work I will be in once I graduate from school, I wonder how I will be able to go home at night and not worry that they are being treated well and with the respect they deserve. Or worry that they are lonely. I worry about how I'm going to be able to see the suffering daily and go home at night to my family and not be sad. It hurts my heart so badly to see them suffering. How do you deal with this? How do you deal with those precious patients who have so much to say and not the time to sit and listen to them because you have to tend to other patients?
  10. NatlovesFifi

    Would You Pray if your Patient asked?

    Oh Yes...Gladly!