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  1. Smackdown

    Well, maybe nursing is not my calling for now..

    I have two friends in radiology and both are out of jobs right now so I would say the demand is much less.
  2. Smackdown

    "Knock, Knock!"

    OP, get over it.
  3. Can a postpartum nurse decide to change an infant from regular formula to soy formula without the doctor's knowledge/order? I honestly didn't know if this was in the nurse's scope of practice. Any helpful links/articles would be great.
  4. The job market is much better here in the South compared to the Northern states. I'm in Texas and jobs are not hard to come by in most areas here. So, if you would be willing to relocate......
  5. Smackdown

    Plan B

    I also thought this thread was going to be about birth control. I used Saunders and found it very good!
  6. Smackdown

    West Texas Nursing Pay

    The cost of living is low here in West Texas. I used to work in Lubbock and nurses earn less in bigger cities like Lubbock and Abilene than they do in outlying small towns because I earn much more now living in a small town.
  7. Smackdown

    is it OK to submit your 2 week notice via email?

    Don't do it.
  8. Smackdown

    Small town OB nurse!

    I am in a similar position, small rural hospital that only has 10-15 deliviers a month and only 2 nurses per shift, mostly LVNS. They send us to a big city hospital to train for a week and it helped A TON!
  9. Smackdown

    Desperate to be a Labor Nurse

    In our rural hospital we have LVNs in labor and delivery. If you live in a rural area some states allow it.
  10. Smackdown

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Except that many parent's spell nevaeh like you did - WRONG - on the birth certificate. It is such an obnoxious trendy name.
  11. If a nurse is prescribed a medication like Xanax, Klonipin, Ativan, etc for anxiety.....can they legally work as a nurse under the influence of this medication? I searched my state's boards of nursing website and could not find anything.
  12. Smackdown

    Single Mom and Night Nurse??

    Let's hear the real reason you want to move. The reasons you listed sound pretty selfish and not very strong reasons for uprooting a family.
  13. Smackdown

    Can an LPN/LVN discontinue an IV?

    I'm from Texas in a rural town and LVNs make up the majority of the hospital. They Initiate IV, monitor, change fluids, discontinue IV.
  14. You ranted on an internet post about this an expected everyone to give you a shoulder to cry on? How about put your big girl panties on and stop ranting on the internet and DEAL WITH IT.
  15. Smackdown

    RN to BSN Schools

    Texas Tech. I got my RN BSN there and it is an excellent school.
  16. Smackdown

    Lactation Consultant/Specialist

    I am an RN working in L&D/Postpartum. I have taken the required 45 hours of educational classess to sit to become an IBCLC and now just need to 1000 hours of breastfeeding education in the workplace documented. Becoming a board certified lactation consultant is a long road. Look into doing something easier - like taking a one week course and become a Lactation Counselor (which I took). Or become a doula - like another poster suggested.