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  1. If a nurse is prescribed a medication like Xanax, Klonipin, Ativan, etc for anxiety.....can they legally work as a nurse under the influence of this medication? I searched my state's boards of nursing website and could not find anything.
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    Single Mom and Night Nurse??

    Let's hear the real reason you want to move. The reasons you listed sound pretty selfish and not very strong reasons for uprooting a family.
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    Can an LPN/LVN discontinue an IV?

    I'm from Texas in a rural town and LVNs make up the majority of the hospital. They Initiate IV, monitor, change fluids, discontinue IV.
  4. You ranted on an internet post about this an expected everyone to give you a shoulder to cry on? How about put your big girl panties on and stop ranting on the internet and DEAL WITH IT.
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    RN to BSN Schools

    Texas Tech. I got my RN BSN there and it is an excellent school.
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    Lactation Consultant/Specialist

    I am an RN working in L&D/Postpartum. I have taken the required 45 hours of educational classess to sit to become an IBCLC and now just need to 1000 hours of breastfeeding education in the workplace documented. Becoming a board certified lactation consultant is a long road. Look into doing something easier - like taking a one week course and become a Lactation Counselor (which I took). Or become a doula - like another poster suggested.
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    Aspiring L&D nurse has a question!

    It is not like this in all parts of the country. I am from Texas and when I graduated nursing school in 2007, the local hospitals were all hiring new grads into L&D, NICU, Antepartum. Many of my fellow graduates scored jobs in these departments. I wouldn't say it is EASY to get jobs in these departments, the nurses who worked as nurse techs during nursing school in these departments were more likely to get chosen for the jobs upon graduation.
  8. I am trying to encourage my hospital to hire a lactation consultant (or better yet, pay for me to take the courses to become one.) I am trying to figure out if in Texas Medicaid reimburses hospitals for lactation consultation. I have looked everywhere and I found that only 15 states in the U.S. do, but how can I find out if specifically Texas Medicaid does?
  9. Please tell me what your hospital does to promote teamwork between nurses and how well it works? The hospital I work at has a "This is my patient, that is your patient" type attitude instead of helping each other out. I am interested in hearing about anything and everything, big or small that we can do to help promote nurses to have each others backs. Whether it be a rewards program, guest speakers with food, anything!
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    I'm trying nursing, but I'm hardheaded..will I last?

    This person is obviously just a troll who is seeking attention.
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    I'm trying nursing, but I'm hardheaded..will I last?

    This is a joke, right? Please, don't become a nurse. If a doctor or your manager/charge nurse has to tell you more than once to do something on many different occasions, I don't see you lasting long. This is the type of nurse who would...Not wipe with alcohol wipes IV ports and cause patients infections because they are to "hard headed" and impatient...
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    COBRA insurance between jobs....

    You should ask at the job you are leaving.
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    COBRA insurance between jobs....

    When I left my previous job they offered me COBRA. My husband and I were both 23 at the time and it was $1500/month!!! So basically half of my salary. I said FORGET IT!
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    Work at Home RN Jobs

    Was browsing for RN work at home jobs in my own state (Texas) and came upon this. Just thought I'd share http://www.careerbuilder.com/JobSeeker/Jobs/JobDetails.aspx?IPath=ILKTV&lr=cbpar_anstat&ff=21&APath=