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  1. suzanne u rock@@!! :) thanks for the reply and pm!~~
  2. erm, the school told me once i get graduate i can apply from the hospital and the hospital willing to help me to get the green card because they really need. ermm, if i cant work after i got LPN, wats the purpose i go there rite?
  3. Hi there to everybody, yes, i am new to this forums and i just read from the newspaper and i am interested study in the nursing field, i did ask the school in NY, which the school told me in NY they always lack of foreign language nurses, i can read and speak 3 kind of language, chinese, malayu and english ( my secondary language) . Now is the little problem, i dont know how i am going to start, base on your experience, do i need to take any sat or ged? i am not graduate here but i graduate at my own place which is malaysia. What is the first step i need to do? take pre-nursing course? how long it gonna take? i studied Business adm b4 back in 5 years ago. Should my maths be good?? and how much it cost for the school fees normally, the one i try to attend is like chinese school which located at the NY 'Manhantan' which i never know iwhere it is but i willing to take some advice first b4 i travel. Any suggestion ??