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    Rhonchi vs upper airway noises

    My question is in regards to rhonchi vs upper airway noises. When you listen to an adult patient and hear rhonchi to the chest, but also hear upper airway noises to the neck how do you chart this? Do you chart rhonchi noted with transmitted upper airway noises? If you hear noises to the neck that are louder than the chest does this usually mean that the rhonchi is just referred from upper airway?

    Low resting heart rate

    Yes we set out low limit for HR at 100, but some people do set them at 90. Sometimes MD will write for low limit to be set at 80 if HR is low resting.

    Low resting heart rate

    Hello. Just wondering what other NICU nurses consider a low resting heart rate as far as a range goes. Below 100? Low 100's? We have no policy on this at my hospital. Thanks!

    MgSO4 question

    I dont think that I would stop the mag. I would first look at other nurses assessments to see if DTR's were at +1 earlier. If so than that is not a change. Also look at the patient is she alert or drowsy? How are her respirations? Then taking everything into consideration I may call the doctor if needed. Just remember some patients reflexes are +1. Hope that helps.
  5. I am just wondering what other hospitals policies are regarding when you call the doctor with apnea and bradycardia. My hospital has no policy. If a baby has had say 10-15 A's and or B's do you call? Does it depend on whether or not they are self resolving? New in the NICU and just looking for some guidelines. Thanks:)

    Weaning 02 in the NICU

    Being a new nicu nurse I have some questions on weaning babies 02 in the NICU. So if you start weaning and say go down by a few every 15 min to half hour....if you have to go back up because of desats do you immediately call the doctor? Or do you play with 02 for a couple hours and if after couple hours cant wean them, then call the doctor? Thanks guys!

    Acrocyanosis in newborn

    I have been doing some research on acrocyanosis. I have noticed some babies to have partially purple nailbeds. Do you consider this acrocyanosis? Most things on the internet say it is hands and feet. Also.....when you chart do you chart pink with acrocyanosis? I like to be thorough. Also should you always do a pulse ox if the baby has purple nailbeds? Thanks!

    Bruised IV site...okay to use?

    I am just wondering what everyones thoughts are on using a bruised IV site or SL? If it flushes fine would you use it or pull it?
  9. Questions on suctioning of neonate after delivery.....First of all how far do you pass a suction catheter on a neonate after delivery? We want to be in the esophagus correct not the trachea? Next how do you know what size suction catheter to use? Is this considered deep suctioning? When should you suction with a catheter instead of a bulb syringe? I have gotten many different answers on this and any help would be appreciated. I also need help with charting too. Thanks:)