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  1. OCT OBLC/Orders

    Anyone here going to the October OBLC and gotten there official orders yet? I am going and have a report date of 1 OCT because I am going to be stationed at BAMC, but have yet to receive anything other than my RFO. I just wanted to see if anyone el...
  2. OBLC experience week 1

    I am attending the Oct OBLC class. If I were you I would drive unless you want to rely on others or the bus system. I am driving down because I will be stationed at Brooke after OBLC. I would drive either way though. In order to get a AKO account...
  3. Any Nurses Stationed at BAMC

    I am looking for some advice on where to live in San Antonio. I will be stationed at BAMC after OBLC. I have looked at a few houses in the Cibolo area. Do those of you who live there or have lived there think this is a nice area? Do you think the...
  4. July 09 OBLC

    I will also be attending the October Class. I extremely excited to go!!
  5. FYI: army nurse residency program

    I talked to the branch manager/career manager at ANC yesterday and she informed me that it is no longer called a "residency" program due to legal reasons. It is now called the ANC med-surg program and is for all new nurses that are direct accession ...
  6. Service Obligation

    I am not sure where I read it, but I am sure that you incure an additional year once you complete the specialty course.
  7. Sick and Tired of Waiting!!

    I signed up 12 months early to get the bonus and loan repayment.
  8. Sick and Tired of Waiting!!

    Just I appreciate your input. I graduate in 9 weeks. I understand the logic behind what you are telling me. What I don't understand is then why do they let Juniors sign up and swear into the military? To me it would seem that I would get some sor...
  9. Sick and Tired of Waiting!!

    I'm not expecting orders or anything of that nature. I was however expecting my assisgnment location. I am only on this rant because this is what I was told to expect during my first swear in last year. I have been assured up and down the chain of...
  10. Sick and Tired of Waiting!!

    I know all to well how the Army works, and this is not it. When recruiting new soldiers/officers this is not how they are treated. I know a majority of you are in the military for the first time or are going in for the first time and are just goin...
  11. Sick and Tired of Waiting!!

    I understand what you are saying, but this is not what I what I was told! When I joined the Army in Highschool I was only a junior, I knew where and when I was going even though I had not graduated yet. I was told once I swore in that at a minimum ...
  12. Sick and Tired of Waiting!!

    I swore in last April to go onto active duty. I was told my assignment choice and tenative OBLC date would soon follow. Now I am only 2 months away from graduation and I still have nothing! What was the benefit of signing up so early? I haven't q...
  13. January OBLC Army Nurse Corps

    Thanks GetnPhD. That is the response I was looking for. I realize there are some who are entering the military service in their 50's and it is and was my intention to make those individuals realize that there is a physical component to any military...
  14. January OBLC Army Nurse Corps

    Why does everyone who is in their late thirties or early fourties think they are old? I think that is a sorry excuse.
  15. January OBLC Army Nurse Corps

    I am sure the desert can get old! Eastern is just down the street from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. My wish list consists of Brooke, Tripler, and Madigan. My family and I are really hoping for San Antonio, and at this point thought we ...