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  1. ThatGuyTom

    Legal advice? Please!

    I know I should contact an attorney regarding this but have no experience because I'm only 22 and brother is much younger and we've never dealt with these kind of situations before. I guess I just wanted opinions from you guys and suggestions from fellow nurses. Thanks everyone.
  2. ThatGuyTom

    Legal advice? Please!

    Hello everyone, This is off-topic but I need help! Help a fellow Nurse! And if this is in the wrong topic, please let me know because I tried searching and couldn't find one. So, the store is that my brother sold a car, the release of liability and the title was signed and turned into DMV. The potential repairs and cosmetic work were discussed with the buyer briefly. The next day, the buyer came back stating that the mechanic said it was "illegal" to drive "due to safety reasons" Now he wants my brother to pay HALF of the repair expenses. He threatened that if we don't pay half, he will bring in his lawyer into this case. What can we do in this case? The car was sold for very cheap and after paying half the expense the car will be practically free!
  3. ThatGuyTom

    Help with Care Plans

    Thank you to all!