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  1. GApeach1978

    bulletin Board Ideas for Tele

    Its been awhile since I have posted anything here. I have been selected to complete a bulletin board for my floor. I am in some serious need for some ideas. If you have pictures please post or send them to me, or give me ideas. Thanks so much
  2. GApeach1978

    I think I failed at 75 questions

    I just wanted to say thank you guys for your support:). I got my results yesterday and I PASSED!!!! This is a great feeling knowing I dont have to study for another test. So its official now!!!! I am a REGISTERED NURSE!:nurse: If I can do it, anyone can do it.
  3. GApeach1978

    I think I failed at 75 questions

    Thanks for all the support. I got my results today. I PASSED! I am now an RN!! I am so glad that is over.
  4. GApeach1978

    I think I failed at 75 questions

    Thanks. I have been trying to forget but its so hard. I guess what is done is done, Right? I will find out Saturday.
  5. GApeach1978

    Took NCLEX today, shut off at 75.....

    I completely understand how you feel. I took my NCLEX today and it also cut off at 75. I am a nervous reck!!! I had about 8 pharm questions, tons of infection control questions, priority and teaching questions, 3 SATA and one dosage. OMG!!! I know the last question I had before it could off was a priority question and I feel like I got it right.....Could some one shead some light on me.... Thanks
  6. GApeach1978

    I think I failed at 75 questions

    Thanks. My stomach is in knots....I hate this feeling, I wish you found out right away
  7. GApeach1978

    I think I failed at 75 questions

    I havent posted here in awhile but I am always reading other posts. Well, today was the big I took my NCLEX exam. My computer shut off at 75 questions, beleive me I didnt want it too. I had lots of infection control, priority and teaching questions, 3 SATA and 1 math question. I believe I had about 7 Pharm questions. I dont know if I passed or failed.... I do know the last question was a priority/assignment question concerning a LPN, I feel I got that right. I have read that if you get pharm questions, those are the lower level questions, is that true? I have never been this nervous before in my entire life.. I felt like every time I got a priority question it would give me a teaching question or the patient understands if....... Does that mean anything!!! Someone please shed some light on me. To fail at 75 questions, would mean you would of missed many many questions right?
  8. GApeach1978

    Gordon College Acceptance?

    I currently attending Gordon College and Im in 3rd semester......7 more months until I graduate!!!:yeah:
  9. GApeach1978

    Loan Repayment

    Thanks for the information. I figure when I graduate I will have 30,000 worth of debt. It will be worth it. I am a single mom with 3 small girls, so my loan money was my check each month.......
  10. GApeach1978

    Loan Repayment

    I need some help!!! I am getting ready to graduate in May 08, and I was wondering does anyone know of hospitals or programs that have loan payback to help out. Any info would be greatly needed. Thanks:nurse:
  11. GApeach1978

    I will not quit

    I just wanted to say, I know exactly how you feel. I had a baby last November. I was right in the middle of my clinicals, thankfully the school I attend let me do my clincials two times a week to finish early because I had to have a c-section. Well, at the end of October I developed Preclampsia and I had to drop. I was extremely upset, but this gave me time to bond with my daughter. And I was able to come back the next semester. I feel this was the best thing for me to do. Once you get behind it is so hard to catch. I have 3 daughters so I know how hard it can be. DONT GIVE UP!!!! It can be done, but if you need to take a break, do it and start fresh next semester. It will get better
  12. GApeach1978

    Any Georgians going to GANS convention next month?!

    I am a nursing student at Gordon College, and I beleive we having a few of the nursing students go. This was mentioned in our GCANS meeting. What school do you attend?
  13. GApeach1978

    Which One...

    Thanks. I have a though decision to make..
  14. GApeach1978

    south fulton medical center offering 10K bonus

    From what I hear, the hospital is horrible, and the nurses leave, so they are extremely short staffed.
  15. GApeach1978

    Which One...

    I need some help. I am graduating with my ADN soon, and I taking a few classes toward my BSN. I was just informed today, that I either have to Chemistry I & II or Biology I & II. I dont know which one to take. I need advise. Which one is easier... Thanks guys
  16. GApeach1978

    CRNA School in GA

    Hi, there I am having some trouble finding some CRNA programs in GA, around the Atlanta area. Does anyone have any advise on that. Thanks