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  1. Sunredskyblue

    I Failed 4 Times, But.....

    Thank you!!! Sooo glad that it's over. It's been 7 years since i graduate
  2. Sunredskyblue

    I Failed 4 Times, But.....

    I wasn't always a great student and I didn't get straight A's. I looked at what my weaknesses were. I was partying too much. Going out and getting drunk with friends. I was around toxic people and a toxic environment. I was letting my life get out of control. I realized later that it was my depression getting the best of me. I wasn't focused enough on my studies. So I got myself together and remained focused. I bought UWorld for one year and bought the Saunders Q&A NCLEX-RN Review . I finished the Saunders book and then went on to UWorld. I started off with answering 25 questions everyday for 5 days until I got to 2000 and started answering 75 questions and would alternate days answering 75 or 150 questions until I had no more of the "unanswered" questions left. I mixed the questions up instead of individualizing it by topic. Once I finished all the "unanswered" questions, I went over the ones I got wrong and also the ones I marked. BTW, I was answering the questions on tutor mode. I preferred it to the timed one because I could see the answer right away. When I had about three weeks until the NCLEX I started listening to Mark Klimek's audio files. I wished I was at his review course when I was in nursing school. He makes everything easy to remember. I took one break a week but as my test was getting closer I didn't take a break until the day before my test. I absolutely didn't study at all or think of anything NCLEX related. Also, I just want everyone to know that I work a full time job so that's the whole reason why I was answering 25 questions and then increased them. I would usually get off work by 5pm. Took me about 3-6hrs to study. Everyone has a different way of studying and it's important that you find what works for you. I would advise that you don't read what scores others are getting on UWorld. I will tell you right now that it doesn't matter. What matters is that you understand the concept. What matters is that you read why the answer you picked was wrong and look at why they correct answer is the right answer. Remember: You got through NURSING SCHOOL and you could GO THROUGH NCLEX! You got this! Don't let the anxiety get to you! Take a deep breathe! So I took the NCLEX almost a week ago and my anxeity was at an all time high! I could feel my heart coming out of my chest and there was people at the testing center already. I scheduled my test @ 1000am on a Monday which was also a HOLIDAY! I made it 228 and it showed a blue screen and I was freaking out again. Then a screen appeared asking about a special study that they are conducting and I was "chosen".. Basically it was giving a case study and asked six questions. Most were SATA. I was freaking out that I would be counted towards the score! But we can all relax! Its not counted! PHEW!SO I started at 1000am and was done by 4pm. I got to my car and received an email from PearsonVue that I have taken the test and it gave me some links to check out to see what the next steps are. Where I reside...quick results are not available. So I found out from a friend that you could get your results one hour after you take the NCLEX. I was too late because they were already closed. SOOO.....I decided to do the PVT trick..BUT I couldn't log on to my account. I was basically stressing out the whole day. I finally got home at 11pm, opened up my computer, went to the pearson vue site and changed my password. Signed on and did the process of doing the PVT trick. "OUR RECORDS INDICATE THAT YOU HAVE RECENTLY SCHEDULED THIS EXAM. ANOTHER REGISTRATION CANNOT BE MADE AT THIS TIME" AHHHHHHHH! I was silently screaming. I couldn't believe it. That was a clear sign that I passed! But it was only 99% accurate sooo they say. SO I waited for the next 10hrs and called my nursing board office and they said my results were ready to pick up and they couldn't not tell me the results by phone. I got to the office and before the lady could give me the results she said "CONGRATULATIONS". OMG I PASSED! It finally happened! I just want to say to the person reading this right now and has reached the end of this.
  3. Sunredskyblue

    Failed nclex for the 1st time

    It was definitely NERVES! You know your content. Just need to breath through the exam and take your time with the questions. How many questions in total did you do?
  4. Sunredskyblue

    Taking my NCLEX tomorrow... any last min advise?

    Well i didn't study at all the day before my exam. Take a break. Get a massage. Watch a movie. Anything to just not think about the exam. Breathe! You could do this and you will pass! how did you do
  5. Sunredskyblue


    I strongly recommend UWORLD. Answer all the questions. Read the rationales carefully and listen to Mark Klimek's lectures.
  6. Sunredskyblue

    I need help and advice please!!

    Life is hard. You just have to learn to accept it and go through the hardships. Yes it is hard. Just find a solution to help you study. To help you remember certain things. You are still young and have a lot things to experience. You could possibly look in to social work? psychology? But once you make a decision you will be just fine. Just don't give up.
  7. Sunredskyblue

    NCLEX prep

    UWORLD worked best for me
  8. Sunredskyblue

    Navy Nursing Candidate Program

    thank you all so much i plan to next year, sadly i have failed one of my classes so now i'm looking for an online course.
  9. Sunredskyblue

    Navy Nursing Candidate Program

    hello everyone! well i'm new here. How is everybody doing? Anyways I'm thinking about applying to the Navy Nursing Program and was wondering if anyone went through it as well. i just want to hear your experiences and how you are doing now.... thank you aimz;)

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