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  1. Hi there nursing colleagues, I just want to ask about foley drainage bags. We just been recently visited by the state and they had written us up with regards to proper placement of the tube for the foley drain bag. From the statlock, will it be over the leg down or along the leg then under and down. Our bags were properly placed without touching the floor with dignity bags. But they still wrote us up with regards to the tube, they claimed it should be under the leg. Hoping to hear from you guys soon. Any suggestions would really help. Thanks.
  2. I dont know what the new updates now, but its true that not all are legible to get iTINs. I got mine way back yr2000 when i first visited the US. I was not a nurse back then. When i came back 2008 and took the NCLEX exam which i did pass. I used my iTIN as my number to get the License. It was suggested to me by my lawyer, and i did confirm with the Ca BON. After my petition came out, i was entitled to get my SSn which i submitted in replacement of my iTIN number. There are alot of changes in the past 2 years, more and more nursing students here in the US might have been one of the cause that BONs are becoming more strict. But keep your heads up.
  3. GSG9ers

    NCLEX Application Center (NEAC) Comments and Reviews

    Well i guess it depends on how busy you are. But all comments here are true. If you are busy and cant handle time management it would be wise to have someone do it for you... If you are financially stable. But if you are a student, it would be wise to go through the process online and read it line by line. Its easy to follow and yes you can save money. Always prepare ahead of time. So no surprises can hinder your application and plans.
  4. GSG9ers

    Sentosa recruitment agency

    I would suggest you study all your options first. Try to attend shows such as Michael Gurfinkels when they come to the Phils. Read and study immigration updates before you make any decisions. Check which states you are planning to go to, and see what the status of nursing is in that area. I came here in the US against all odds, luckily i made it without joining or having to go through agencies. And always keep your hopes high and pray... it works.
  5. Yup, i used iTIN also before. After my petition came out, i sent them my SSN and finally changed it. Otherwise, you wont be able to renew your license.
  6. GSG9ers

    CGFNS-Review Materials and Review Center

    I hope i can share my experience. I took my NCLEX first before i applied for CGNFS... The question is are you going here in the US as an immmigrant/Citizen? if not. CGFNS will still be needed for immigration purposes as to the need of "Visa Screen Certificate". If you pass the NCLEX, you don't need to take the CGFNS exam anymore, all you have to do is call the nursing board and have them send certification that you passed NCLEX already. But you still need to pay for the CGFNS "visa screen certification" and they come with a different set of requirements. I hope this will help...
  7. GSG9ers

    barely passing NLE... how important is it??

    Chances of landing a job in the hospital in the Philippines now are getting slim. But like what other people say "its a matter of who you know, not what you know anymore". . . thats the sad reality nowadays.
  8. GSG9ers

    to all NCLEX passers; whats your NLE scores?

    well the bottom line is you pass the exam ! ! ! GodBless pinoy nurses!
  9. GSG9ers

    to all NCLEX passers; whats your NLE scores?

    Really true... I passed at 75 and my friend on the otherhand failed at 75
  10. GSG9ers

    to all NCLEX passers; whats your NLE scores?

    but i think its really true that some NCLEX takers do fail at 75. I got a friend who took it at California and failed at 75. . . hes now reviewing for the 2nd take. GOd Bless us all
  11. New England college in Quezon city? ... well i heard alot about them, i think you better check them out first. Better call CHED, schools need to be certified or accredited by this department otherwise it will be a waste of time and money.
  12. GSG9ers

    ielts review materials

    Check out this website. http://www.examenglish.com/ The free sample questions are the same format of IELTS exam. So you dont really need to go to a review center. And besides, the IELTS British Council offers free use for thier Library and computers. You can find plenty of review materials there. God Bless!
  13. GSG9ers

    Suggestion to Philippine Nurses

    Actually, the difference between the US RN and the Philippine RN is that in US you get an associate degree within two years. But in the Philippines its a BSN and you have to go 4 years, including summers. So its a big difference. The RN internship in the Philippines is done at the 3rd and 4th years of college so basically all nursing graduates in the Philippines had experiences already its just a matter of where you did your internship. Some schools may offer the best internship such as UST and Trinity thats why most of the top notchers in the 2008 belongs to them. I dont belong to this schools but i did my internships in Government hospitals and i did learn alot. Downside with government hospitals is the technological advancements are far different from here in the US. Well, thats a given fact. . . but one thing for sure you'll learn in government hospital is you sure will be one heck of a nurse since most of the times you'll end with atleast a bunch of patients and you have to make the best of what you have. When you start working in hospitals in other countries you dont complain anymore since you are trained not only as a nurse but your used already to hard work. Hope this helps and GodBless to all filipino nurses.
  14. GSG9ers

    barely passing NLE... how important is it??

    atleast youre not one of those who got so frustrated and have to undergo the process again and write those 5 sets of exams. God bless
  15. Sometimes it all depends on the person taking the exam. . . there are alot of takers who had gone intensive reviews but failed still. So it depends on how eager you are and how much you want to pass it. Work and prayer is my best suggestion. You work hard for it and you pray to God you pass. . .
  16. review material is saunders all the way for me. . .review center is merge. I passed the NLE with an average of 82% and passed the NCLEX at question number 75. Merge did a good job and i learned alot from them. God Bless and hope this helps.