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  1. CerebralCRNA

    How fast is too fast to transfuse blood?

    A unit of blood at times in the OR and the ER can be infused as fast as five minutes, that is why they make the Belmont and also Level I infusers. Also, the smaller the radius of the catheter will result in slower flow as flow is proportional to 1/r...
  2. CerebralCRNA

    California CRNA Programs

    Cali just opted out! :)
  3. CerebralCRNA

    CRNA vs. MDA - pros and cons

    What educational value does this posts provide? Please someone tell me??? Again, someone on here just to bash CRNAs and being allowed to do so.
  4. CerebralCRNA

    Which was harder and how much chemistry?

    Are you serious????
  5. CerebralCRNA

    Question for the AW gods........

    What type of airway did you use? You stated a BLS airway, what type?
  6. CerebralCRNA

    Did you truly enjoy being a RN?

    You took the words right out of my mouth, you can't be a CRNA without the RN :)
  7. CerebralCRNA

    learning to intubate

    My advice, alternate each case ---Miller--Mac--Miller--Mac---etc Get proficient with both blades and use alternative methods to intubate. Don't let your first time with a blade or device be under emergent conditions.
  8. CerebralCRNA

    CRNA at last!

    Job well done!!
  9. CerebralCRNA

    How Breast Surgery Killed A Florida Teen

    Then how can you comment on areas like you have before with credibility if you are not experienced in the field??
  10. CerebralCRNA

    How Breast Surgery Killed A Florida Teen

    So, since is was Dr. Peter Warheit (as stated in several weblinks), are those questions still valid??......... or do they only pertain to CRNAs???
  11. CerebralCRNA

    North CO anesthesia??

    John, Working in the Springs as a CRNA does happen, you are not counting the eye centers and outpatient surgery centers in addition to Evans Army Community Hospital and the Air Force Academy Hospital. There are jobs all over the state. Canon City Pu...
  12. CerebralCRNA

    North CO anesthesia??

    You are mistaken Sir................ When I live in CO, I worked at St. Anthony's, St. Joseph's, Porter Adventist and Parker Hospital routinely. Please post correct and fully researched information. Working as a CRNA is very profitable in the Denver...
  13. do you guys even have a crna moderator? all crna programs are now master's degree programs, it has been that way for many years now. one of the reasons this forum is terrible is that non-crnas are moderating and censoring this forum and putting out i...
  14. CerebralCRNA

    DNP by 2025!

    Just remember DNP does NOT equal PhD.................
  15. CerebralCRNA

    All CRNAs need to READ this

    ....................................and its interesting that you only joined yesterday.