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haley4 has 2 years experience and specializes in LTC.


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    why is the pay so low?!?!

    Wow were are you at , and what type of setting are you in???
  3. haley4

    LTC to Med-Surg

    Well I am in the same position as well. I just started nights on a med=surg floor. I previously worked in LTC for the last two and a half years. I do like it so far. It is alot to learn, but very interesting at the same time.
  4. haley4

    Saunders, Prentice Hall, Kaplan > which one's better?

    Kaplan did it for me.
  5. haley4

    Failed the NCLEX-Pn 3RD TIME!!

    I there, we have something in common I failed NCLEX three times as well. I brought all these different study books, but I continued to fail. Finally I purchased a KAplan strategy book. It was great, it teaches you how to brake down your question to two ansewer. And how to pick the best one from those. It is the 08 edition and it on cost around 25 bucks. It reaally helped me. I passed the fourth time around. So don't give up, it can be done.
  6. haley4

    risks to loose my license

    I know how you feel I just resigned from a job. The job wouldn't give me the proper orientation so I felt. I had six days of orientation and was expected to take 50 pts. after six day. I wasn't comfortable with that. I told the nurse educator that and all she said is you can handle it. I worked hard to get my license and I wasn't going to lose it fooling around with this company.
  7. haley4

    zero support for new nurse

    WOW I know how you are feeling. I am a new nurse. I had six day of orientation, and then was expected to be able to take an assignment with 50pts. I was so shocked. My orientation braley covered the paper work, I was expected to know how to do. My fifth day on the floor the nurse left me by myself, to go home. My relief was a hour and 15min late. I was told to call the DON if I had any problems. The DON made the comment she a nurse she can handle it. Later I found out she leftthe building 10 mins after we talked. So I was alone on the floor. What if something had happen, I've never ran a code before. And I had one hospic pt. I don't know if I maded the right decission, but I resigned. I told them more than once I did't feel comfortable taking a 50 pt load,and all they said is you can handle it. So now I'm unemployed looking for work. I want to get in at a hospital so I can get a good orientation, but most of them in my area don't hire LPN"s. So I don't know what to do. Any suggestions:o
  8. haley4

    Failed NCLEX-PN

    I am sorry to hear you failed, trust me I know how you feel. The only thing that really helped me was the Kaplan strategies book 2008 edition. It was great .
  9. haley4

    did not passed... HELP

    I know how you are feeling. I myself failed nclex 3 times, but I didn't give up. Now don't you give up you can do this. Try to relax and when you are up to it go purchase the Kaplan Strategies 2008 edition. This book really helps it teaches you different strategies to use while testing. It's great. I passed the 4th time around, my computer shut off at 85. So please keep tring.
  10. haley4

    Took Nclex For The Second Time

    I'm sorry to that, I am studing to take my nclex again for the 3rd time. I am following suzanne's plan, so I hope i'll come out better. I have seen very good posts about it. Well I wish you the best and please keep tring.
  11. haley4

    Thanx Everyone! Thanx You Suzanne!

    Wow reading the messages here also gives me hope for sucess. I will be taking my boards again for the third time. I am doing suzanne'a plan as well. I just finished tip 1 and am anxiously waiting for tip 2. Congrats to all who have passed.
  12. haley4

    I scheduled my NCLEX Exam

    Hello all and thanks for all of your prayers. My computer shut off at 86 so I don't know how its going to go. IN Va we can get our results the next day and mine where not on there, so I think I failed even through I haven't recieved anything in the mail I 'm pretty sure. I've been down this raod before. But I'm going to keep tring until I pass. I wish you all the best of luck with your boards and I will be praying for your sucess.
  13. haley4

    Can a nursing student and family survive on one income?

    Hi Sebastiansmom09 i worked while i was i nursing school. I started out working 12 hrs on sat & sun. Then I started to get burned out so I cut back to working 2 wknds a month. That worked for a while until I got prgnant and the Dr. took me out of work. So then I had to take out additional student loans to help make up for some of my income. It was hard but my husband and I managed to make it through and we had 3 kids prior to me getting pregnant. Oh and some small things I let go. I let my house phone go since my husband and I both had cell phones. so that was one bill gone. And idid let the cable go, but my husband couldn't live without it so we got that back. But it can be done, look at your budget and see what you really don't need. Cut what you can, then apply for some student loans, and grants. Then if you still r comin up short look for a part time job. alot of nursing homes will work with u as well as hospitals. Good Luck and congratulations on your acceptance
  14. haley4

    Re: Questions for Suzanne4

    Hi suzanne I know I'm in the wrong thread again,but this is the only way I know how to reach you. I only have 11 days tile I take my nclex. I wish i would have heard about your plan six weeks prior but I didn't. So I was wondering if you had any tips that would help me, with only 11 days left. Now I do have the Davis Nclex review book. I finished all the test in it. And now I'm just taking the practice test from the cd that came with it. Any suggestions will be grately appreciated
  15. haley4

    A new (pregnant) nursing student

    :) Hello mamahan, I was pregnant in nursing school. I foubd out i was pregnant at 16 wks, and I still had 7 months left in the program. I was able to stay in the program. I got the latest Dr. appt's that was available. My classmates helped me out alot. They did all my lifting for me in clinicals. One classmates started to drive me to and from school, this is because we drive 84 miles one way to school. So the trip eventually got to very tiring to me. But anyway I had my son while we were out on winter break 12/30/06 and went back to school on 1/3/07, when it reopened. i managed to talk my Dr. into letting me go back, but with some restrictions. And I graduated on 3/10/ 07. A lot of people told me I was crazy, but I knew what I wanted and was determined to get. So it possible, I did alot of praying. And God saw me throw.
  16. haley4

    i passed nclex!!! thanks suzanne!

    Hello i am new here and I don't know what a sticky thread is, But I would love to have her study plan. I test on may 29th.