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  1. paganoid

    I need a job

    http://nursingjobs.allnurses.com/c/job.cfm?vnet=0&utm_medium=text&utm_source=AN&site_id=238&utm_campaign=nursingjobs&jb=9075704 This is a posting right here on allnurses.com and all I did was click the "JOBS" link at the top of the page. this is the first listing. it says: “Earn-While-You-Learn” – Work Study Program The program is designed to allow international nurses to earn US wages while completing their education. The program enables you to work in healthcare or other employment in your first semester of study in the United States while you study for your master’s program in healthcare administration. Within the first year, you will become U.S. licensed nurses working in U.S. healthcare institutions such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and medical practices – earning high salaries.
  2. paganoid

    What are the worst call in excuses you've heard?

    Personal "Mental Health Day" call off: I'm really feeling too good to come in to work today. Sorry. -- I have a postcard on my desk that says, "I've used up all my sick days so today I'm calling in dead."
  3. No, not a nerd, unless you are staying home this weekend to watch Dr. Who and Star Trek on BBC-America like me. (when I really should be writing a 10-page APA paper and another set of essays and ...) You are a first year student with all the excitement and curiosity that entails. Enjoy the feeling and have a great summer! Hard work is over the next hill but for now concentrate on getting your vaccinations and dual PPD tests and your entrance physical exam. The e-mail instructions should be forthcoming very soon. Cheers! paganoid -- Nursing School: It's just what The Doctor ordered.
  4. Of course you will have to check with the Admissions office and the English Department, but the WST is good for all the CSU campuses. We had students in my class who had taken it elsewhere. You must be able to "prove" you took it. In other words, it must be in your transcripts somewhere. The WST is an expensive PITA but it does guarantee that all CSU graduates can communicate effectively in written English. Good luck! paganoid
  5. Success in Nursing (NURS-2002) is NOT a required course. It is another seminar course with faculty and there is review for exams, etc. The "A" students took the course, the "B" students like me considered it to fill out a full time schedule for grants. If you are only getting loans, 11 units is sufficient (loans require more than six units per quarter). If you are an overachiever, it's a good class in the first quarter. It is offered only sporadically after the first quarter due to low enrollment. paganoid
  6. I believe that you will sign up for first quarter classes after orientation in August. Subsequent quarters will be explained as the need arises. Worry about that later, when the time is right. Hope this helps, paganoid
  7. I worked full-time 40 hours per week all through the first year and beyond, but I have a very flexible work schedule. The people who got A's, deans list, and highest honors were excellent students who studied hard and attended each class session. While I never missed a class, I didn't study but crammed for exams twice a quarter and made it through just fine. I also got B's in a lot of theory classes. I could have done better if I wasn't working, but bills have to be paid. I don't think you should quit your job before October. I think you'll be able to keep working at least through the end of the year. You will receive a detailed classroom schedule on the first day of classes. You will download this every quarter from the classroom site online. Hope this helps, paganoid
  8. You have to do two PPD's about a week apart, I think. That will be in your introduction e-mail in June. Don't get a single PPD now because you'll just have to repeat it again next month, even if it's your third and fourth sticks this year. Somebody else mentioned Tdap and Varicella; those are required also. (Tdap is for adults, DTaP is for babies.) Public trans goes directly to the school. There's a bus stop in the turnaround. But you will totally need a reliable car to get to clinicals starting in Winter quarter (you can carpool in fall). Fill out your FAFSA and get student loans to buy an old junker or a motorcycle (remember the torrential rains in Winter).
  9. You will have a few days of "clinical" in the first quarter but this is at an assisted-living center, a sort of senior apartment building. Then you have SNF clinicals in the winter quarter and acute inpatient clinicals in the Spring quarter, both are about 10 weeks. Don't worry, you will be very well prepared by the time you get there. In fact, you will probably find it to be a lot of fun! Second year clinicals are where it really gets detailed and granular. But don't worry about that now. Just look at what's in front of you, like a nurse, and deal with your admission requirements and orientation. Let the future worry about itself. My grandmother used to say, "Don't borrow trouble from the future." Good luck!
  10. In the first year you have the same clinical site for 10 weeks. In the second year, clinicals are five weeks and then a different site for the second five weeks. Rotations are: psych/periop, pedi/geri, ob/"medical" -- you take all 6 in 3 quarters. Don't worry about this now. Just FYI. In the third year, clinicals are for the entire ten weeks. There are only a scant few days of clinical in the first quarter, just to get your feet wet. Don't worry about buying scrubs until orientation day. If you have unusual sizes (I'm fat and tall) and decide to make your own scrubs, use white polyester "trigger" fabric...the stains come right out! Good luck!
  11. You should start your Hepatitis B immunizations ASAP. There is a several-week delay between shots, I don't remember exactly how long. If you have health insurance now, also get your MMR shot or titer report. You also need a PPD test. If you have to pay more than 900.00/month for a 1-bedroom in Concord, keep looking. I live in Martinez and my apartment complex charges 900-1350 for 1-2 bedrooms. You can get cheaper but I enjoy the pool and hot tub. Martinez is very nice and generally quiet; school is 25 minutes by car (the Concord campus is not close to the freeway) but most clinical sites are closer to me than the school. When you come up for orientation in August, you could come early and speak to the Concord level two students and ask them for one minute during orientation so you can stand up, introduce yourself, and ask if anybody needs a roommate and you can get an apartment together to save money and commute to school together, saving $100.00/quarter on duplicate parking passes. Or you can advertise for a Concord student roommate on this forum. Good luck!
  12. 1) Health insurance: Contact Contra Costa Health Plan. "If you live in Contra Costa County and you need health coverage, call 1-800-771-4270" you might qualify for Basic Adult Care...they will walk you through it. (Full disclosure: I work for the county hospital.) See also, attached PDF file with 28 pages of medical & dental clinic information, etc. 2) Laptop: this depends on the way that you study. I bought a new laptop for Winter quarter first year and kept all my notes inside the Powerpoint files that you will have to download and print out. You can access the school wireless network from inside the classroom if you sit by the windows (and also that is where the plugs are for power and wired network). I put all my textbooks into the laptop so I didn't have to carry around the books. BUT WAIT UNTIL YOU START SCHOOL TO BUY THE LAPTOP because you will get good student discounts once you get a student ID. Hope this helps. no_cost_low_cost_resources_2009_1021.pdf
  13. The UD Science GE requirement is the "B6" class I spoke of earlier. You can search previous schedules in "mycsueastbay" for the B6 courses to see what's there. Not every class is offered every quarter. Good hunting!
  14. Forgot to mention that financial aid for future terms might not be posted yet because they're still working on 2009-2010 grants plus Summer session. Be patient. CSUEB bureaucracy moves kinda slow ... AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN p.
  15. You might have to meet with the financial aid counselor and you definitely have to attend the Stafford loan seminar. After the first year I don't think you have to re-attend the Stafford seminar unless you switch lenders or schools. Did you complete your FAFSA before the 03-01-10 priority date? If so, the financial aid counselor is available at the Concord campus one Wednesday out of the month (the date of the loan counseling session) from 1500-1700. Call the Concord campus to inquire which date, arrive at 1445 or earlier and sign-up. If you are on Hayward campus, go to the student center in M-Hall (the tallest building on campus) and ask to speak to financial aid counselor. I only went there once so I don't know much about it. paganoid
  16. Generally speaking, most students buy the bundle which cost approximately 673.00 when I bought it three years ago. But you use all those books throughout the entire program (maternity textbook in level 2 maternity class, etc.) There is a DVD set in the bundle that costs literally thousands of dollars ($23,000.00 and that's not a typo!) but you get it free with the bundle, plus you get the CD with all your textbooks on it to load into your computer/laptop so you don't have to lug all those books to class every day. There's a very small number of books (3-4?) you'll buy next year, but don't fret. I do not know if previous editions will do because I bought new. Be sure to ask this question at your Orientation in August. (Level 2's will host you, answer questions, and serve lunch. It's sponsored by the East Bay Student Nurses Assoc.) If you haven't already completed your FAFSA for student loans, do it NOW even if you do NOT plan to take student loans. You might change your mind later. TRUST ME ON THIS, PLEASE. Even if you make "too much money" to qualify for subsidized loans, everybody qualifies for unsubsidized loans. Feel free to ask questions about financial aid because I am pretty familiar with this. I have a good job and I got FA all through school. Three years ago I was out of my mind with anticipation so feel free to gush questions. It's a good program, tough and rewarding. While you're in the thick of it you'll be happy, sad, hurt, angry, elated, annoyed, hate your teachers, love your teachers, want to quit, keep plugging and succeed, and all the other feelings in the catalog but compressed. Just take each day as it comes and don't try to plan too far ahead. Many students have gone before you and you'll do just fine, trust me. Good luck, young Padawae learners >

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