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  1. Nursegal64

    FGCU starting January 2014

    I will also be attending FGCU in January. Currently trying to figure out my living situation as my life is a bit more complicated.
  2. Nursegal64

    Any applicants to Florida Gulf Coast University?

    Also got accepted!
  3. Nursegal64

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    Took exam 11:30am on Friday; 75 questions; arrived home at 3:30 followed the trick instructions - received good popup with status saying delivery successful; at 11:30a on Sunday received the quick results link; PASSED! It works!
  4. Nursegal64

    Online Science Courses

    I am currently deciding whether to take the AP and Chem classes online or at a community college. I am wondering how legitimate it would be to have a couple of transcripts from "out of state" community colleges as I am applying to Rush in Chicago and am a graduate of Northwestern University. I do not want to waste my time if realistically they aren't transferable. Has anyone whose applied or attended Rush taken online science classes? Thanks in advance.