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senior nursing student-mother of five-any wonder I want to do psych nursing???

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  1. THEKat

    The week of Aug. 18

    :kiss I know this is a double post but we have some LPN to BSN's in our class and sometimes they are treated with the attitude-You mean you don't already know this???Duh? Well,if they knew all of it would they be going through the same torture as we novices. An unfair assumption made by some instructors and a few cocky students-sooo good luck to you too!!!!!
  2. THEKat

    The week of Aug. 18

    :kiss Thanksfor the good wishes-it is back to classes and clinicals-Psych, ER,ICU our plate is full and good wishes are always appreciated!!!!!
  3. THEKat

    cheat sheets?

    No there must be two of us-there is soooo much to remember!!!!
  4. A double post but Karafromphilly-yes to the Jamison book!!! Truly helped my undertanding of my Dx and my self-esteem!!! Great read-well worth the time!!!
  5. Slinkeekat had it right-I am a diagnosed Bipolar II and my episodes get triggered by who knows what it will be but after seveeral years of meds and therapy I am now not on meds(which I do not advocate for everyone-personal decision)but I do use cognitive behavior therapy which I worked on with my psychitrist for severalyears.I am now a successful senior nursing student,work full-time with MR and MI patients in a mental health setting ( been there done that does inspire empathy) plus I am a full-time single parent and new grandmother.I tend to be a manic rather than depressive oriented patient so I touch bases with people who know me well and if I feel too grandiose they let me know and we remedy the situation(set schedule, healthy sleep patterns, NO alcohol and lots of physical exercise!!!) These are my methods and each of us has something that will work but the point is it CAN work and you can be very effective!!!! You sound as though you are on the way to understanding and appreciating yourself-bipolars are usually highly intelligent individuals so give yourself a star on the refrigerator!!! Go out and give to others what you have learned-we can all use the help!!! You've got my vote of confidence!!!
  6. THEKat

    Hardest class in Nursing school?

    Pharmacology!!!!! The final was a comprehensive nightmare!!!! I took my "B" put a smile onmmy face and acted likeI had good sense!!!!!!
  7. THEKat

    Im so nervous about my last year!

    Join the club of nervous seniors!!!! I start back on 8/21...just finished reviewing ACLS& basic arrhythmias b/c...I'm scared-my first clinical rotation...ICU and the ER!!!! I just have to go to school all summer to keep my brain and study habits up to par..ACLS, Nursing Research, Ethics...Criminal Mind..Just spent the day with a group of Taiwanese graduate students here to finish their masters in Education... they feel all that you learn comes back around to enrich your own life so you can enrich others in turn........they have a marvelous sense of curiosity...anyway we will all make it -others have before us you may not know diverticulitus but I bet you would be surpised at what you really do know....hang in there!!!!