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TattooGirl585 specializes in GYN, Ambulatory Care, Geri Care.

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  1. TattooGirl585


    Great job, I have the RUE study guide for ethics and it is sooo boring i still haven't taken it yet.
  2. TattooGirl585

    Is there anyone left studying for NC 5?

    OK Good News I passed NC6 with a B. I'm sooooo relieved. :smokin:It was really tricky. The EC practice test helped a lot. Now on to NC7 , gotta beat that deadline even if it kills me!! Now gotta crunch some $$ to pay for it! :banghead:LOL! Good luck to you all. it CAN be done!! Tattoogirl585 future RN!
  3. TattooGirl585

    The time has come...

    Good luck, I know you'll pass!
  4. TattooGirl585

    I Just Got My Acceptance Letter for RN-BSN!!!!!!!!

    :yeah:congradulations!! i was considering moving to north carolina after i finish ec. you give me hope and inspiration that it can be done. thanks:up: all the best!! tattoogirl585 future rn
  5. TattooGirl585

    Is there anyone left studying for NC 5?

    Hi Erin88, I know where your coming from. I took NC5 in April and sweated thru it with a B. :crying2:Your practice scores are good. Review the EC practice test like crazy esp the hard questions. I have found that to be REALLY helpful. I'm taking NC6 tomorrow and NC7 before Sept 30th. Yikes!! This is tough but you've come this far! Good Luck to you. All the best, Tattoogirl585 in NY:nurse:
  6. TattooGirl585

    Family Care Certified Services

    Hi They posted an AD looking for LPN and RN's in the Advance magazine but I don't know anything beyond that.
  7. TattooGirl585

    Finally an RN

  8. TattooGirl585

    Any New York EC Grads out there?

    Hi Terina, I'm an LPN in Manhattan, NY working in a clinic. I'm studying for the RN thru Excelsior. It's definately tough to stay foucsed but the hard work it takes will be worth it when I can kiss my boss goodbye!!:argue: Doing Gerontolgy and NC 4 right now under the old curric. I've been enrolled since last summer. Good Luck! Tattoogirl 585
  9. TattooGirl585

    Lunah Passed In Mansfield 6/13-15

  10. TattooGirl585

    Passed NC5

    CONGRATS on Passing!! Good luck to you!! Tattoogirl585:nurse:
  11. TattooGirl585

    Just PASSED NC1

    :up:CONGRATS to you!! Tattoogirl585:yeah:
  12. TattooGirl585


    :up:CONGRATS on PASSING!!!
  13. TattooGirl585

    Anyone Using RUE...

    Hi There! I bough the RUE books for Micro off EBay and I was very happy with the way the "study system" worked. I scored a B in Micro. I also got a couple of RUE books for the Concept exams and A&P. Hoping they are just as good. Hope this helps! Tattoogirl
  14. TattooGirl585

    Passed NC-3

    :yeah:congrats to YOU!!!
  15. TattooGirl585

    passed CPNE in syracuse!

  16. TattooGirl585

    Passed NC 4

    Congrats!!!!! Keep up the good work!!