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    Should a license to practice as a RN out weigh school accreditation?

    I have tried to avoid thinking of the EEO, not allowing my mind to focus on that aspect but, I know for a fact that at least 5 of the nurses, I went to school with, that had no type of healthcare experience are working in these hospitals that claim to be only looking for accreditated graduates. I agree with the job hunt and this economy. Luckily, I have been able to obtain employment, just not where I really want to be. In my opinino, not every nurse whether from an accredited school or not passes their NCLEX. Just like not every nurse that passes their NCLEX, accredited school or not is a good nurse. Most of the nurses that graduated with me and are in the hospitals, had a relative or friend working there, so I guess its accreditation based on who you know. Hospitals are constantly posting jobs which creates this dire need for RNs, which causes schools to open, people to apply only to not be able to get a any of the posted jobs, seems ironic.
  2. destinysaccountant

    Non accredited school

    I agree and wish I had known all of this 5 years ago when I started school. I thought Sacs accreditation and the board of nursing for my state was good enough. NLNAC accreditation is what employers are looking for and since our class was the second to graduate from this school, they had to apply for that accreditation based on our NCLEX pass rate.
  3. After being a LPN for 5 years, with some med-surg experience. I decided I wanted to work in a hospital again, get some experience and travel from state to state working assisgnments with an agency. Because LPNs were not being hired for acute care anymore, I started a new RN program in my state. Our class was the second class to graduate. I maintained a 3.8 GPA and passed my boards on the first try. I am now unable to get a job in a hospital in my state. I have worked in management in nursing homes but feel that is not fulfilling. I have worked as a hospice nurse, it was very rewarding but again, it was not what I was looking for. I dont understand how accreditation of a school, can outweigh the board of nursing saying that I am competent enough to practice. I am also having a hard time finding a school to obtain a BSN. I started out as a CNA in 1998 and was so excited about moving up the nursing ladder but now, I am considering a new career altogether. Does anyone have any ideas on how a good, reliable, honest and hardworking RN can obtain a position in an acute care setting without an accredited school?
  4. destinysaccountant

    Non accredited school

    I have been a RN for 3 years and I graduated from a school that never received accreditation. Despite being a LPN for 5 years prior to that, with hospital experience, I am unable to get a job in a hospital in my state. The reason I chose to go back to school was for better oportunities and I am now stuck with a $28,000.00 student loan and a job in home care or nursing homes. I am now warning people I know about the schools that are designed to become a RN in 18 months, without an accredited school, I may as well have continued my nursing career as a LPN, since the opportunities are the same.