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  1. mrsnj20

    Best Online FNP schools

    I recommend University of Cincinnati. They are in the top 5 for graduate programs. You have to find your own preceptors, but I enjoyed the classes and I passed boards on the first try.
  2. mrsnj20

    Working while in school

    Right. You can't really tell until you begin but I wouldn't quit school for any job.
  3. mrsnj20

    Mental Health Clinical ideas

    What are some activities that you did in mental health clinical that you found helpful?
  4. mrsnj20

    Working while in school

    I did not work while in school and I see students who do work that are struggling and sometimes fail. I took the minimum amount of loans needed to get by and cut back on spending. I think it's better to stay in school because even if you have to take out loans, you will be in a better position when you finish. You can find a PRN position and pick up when school is slow.
  5. mrsnj20

    Expert Witness Advice

    Thank you for your reply. He said expert witness, but he also said review files, etc. I did see that they have a full-time position open for a LNC so I will check more into it.
  6. mrsnj20

    Expert Witness Advice

    I had a lawyer ask me today if I would be interested in working as an expert witness and reviewing cases. I had been thinking about going to law school to study health care law, but had never thought about working as an expert witness. Can you give me some advice on this? What is the usual process? How many cases do you usually get? How do you determine what to charge? Any other info for someone who is just starting out would also be appreciated.
  7. mrsnj20

    What being an Agency Nurse did for me..

    Congratulations. Everything happens for a reason.
  8. mrsnj20

    Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses??

    I think the cost of education in this country is largely inflated and when people graduate, they are not able to get a job that pays as much as they need to pay for their education. This is especially true in public service. I would love to be able to pay back my student loans, but because I am still attending school and unable to work overtime to pay off the current ones, the interest keeps piling up. I think this program is a great thing, and while I hope to have my loans paid off after 120 payments, I think many people can benefit from this program. I also think we should remember that many countries pay for or subsidize the education system as a way to promote the education of the country. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.
  9. mrsnj20

    'Onboard' New Nurses to Prevent Them from Jumping Ship

    Having gone through onboarding as a new nurse, I can say that it is helpful. On the other hand, all the onboarding in the world won't keep nurses from jumping ship when you overload them with high pt ratios, without the support system to back them up. This is the real reason why new nurses jump ship, not because they need more orientation.

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