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    I agree with Demerol is more likely to cause nausea and vomiting...Lord knows we see enough of that without adding Demerol to the mix...
  2. nursing school

    When I was in nursing school, my roommate was assigned a 6 year old "tough guy" who tried very hard to intimidate his nursing student. As we discussed him, my advice was not to worry unless he pulled a knife on her. The next morning at breakfast as ...
  3. require info-travel nursing

    I've been traveling now for 2.5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it(except for 1 assignment--that happens!) When I first started, I looked at the ads in the nursing journals and picked the 3 companies with the biggest ads to contact. While I admit...
  4. ob nursing

    Hi! I've been an OB/GYN nurse now for 12 years (it is so much easier than saying post patum/gyn/nursery/mother/baby/labor&delivery) and I have to say my true forte is post partum. I'm also a traveler. It's nice to find this place on the net.