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  1. kathyann65

    instrument count records

    Yes, That is excatly my thinking.There is not even a place to record an instrument count on the OR record.There is a blank for sponges, and sharps-no instruments.I had never encountered this, and wondered if this is practice anywhere else, since sometimes when you are in one hospital awhile, the practices become commonplace and Right in your mind, when sometimes things change for some reason we may not be awre of-but, I could find no rational reason in my mind for not doing this.I will look at their policy-have asked many people about it-they all say they don't count instruments.
  2. kathyann65

    instrument count records

    I am working at a hospital that does not count instruments at all and don't get an x-ray(?)(travel assignment) Does anybody else's hospital do this and what is the rationale for not counting instruments?
  3. kathyann65

    travel circulators

    I just posted a reply on another thread..but anyway-I started out with 4 years LPN scrub experience and about 6 months RN circulating experience at a small hospital where we did only general surgery-no vascular(except vein strippings), no ortho or neuro, or hearts.I did have some nerve wrecking experiences on my first travel assignment at a hospital that did everything! But, I stayed at that hospital 6 months-scrubbed and circulated-learned alot, and left with a party given by the staff and alot of friends.I know now I can scrub and/or circulate alot more-still alot I don't know and pray everyday on my way to work-but am enjoying the adventure!It is difficult at first if you have been in one place or out of circulation to learn of all the newest instrumentation and different names for instruments...
  4. kathyann65

    For fellow nurse Travelers

    I am on my third travel assignment-second OR assignment, and I have already learned a wealth of information-but, I must say-it is difficult for me in the first week or two of an assignment.Somebody will yell out for something, and I won't know what the heck they are talking about because they call it something different than what we called it at our home hospital...supplies often are the same, but have different names.Until I learn their language, I am a bit nervous..and-it seems sometimes that the regular staff get a kick out of sending you on several scavenger hunts for things during a case, that you know they could probably live without-I find that a bit frustrating...I did come from a small facility, and had not been previously exposed to many of the surgeries I have been exposed to traveling.Nerve wrecking at first, But I feel much more confident now and have learned alot!It is definitly an adventure, and not for the weak at heart!
  5. kathyann65


    Possibly to place the cautery pad-hurts like heck when it pulls the hair off, and doesn't always stick well on somebody with hairy legs:)
  6. kathyann65

    Questions about travel nursing

    I make $35/hr-get paid weekly-direct deposit to my home bank.To find out about where and when to go and what pay and benefits are offered, I call my recruiter toward the end of my current assignment and discuss options and make a decision! I get free, furnished, corporate housing with all utilities paid, and $100/week while on assignment for transportation.They also reimburse up to $500 round trip travel to an assignment, and reimburse licensure expenses.Hope this helps:)
  7. kathyann65

    Has anyone heard about Traveler Files?

    Brownie is absolutly correct-as someone said, go to delphiforums/travelnurses and do a search on Traveler Flies to get the scoop-there is a scoop!
  8. kathyann65

    RN looking to work in the UK

    I am interested in traveling to London myself and would appreciate any babbling you have to offer!