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  1. nurselyn95713

    Nclex today, freaking out. Only had 75Q.

    Well here's a story for you! My transcripts got lost at the BRN! My girlfriends were finding out left and right that they passed. I literally thought I failed because I had to wait 8 torturous days.... I PASSED!!!! I think God was testing me! Good luck to all who are still waiting - I know it is difficult; trust me I think I had 2 nervous breakdowns!
  2. nurselyn95713

    I took NCLEX and shut off at 75

    How many people fail on 75 questions? I am waiting my results and I feel that I failed terribly. My girlfriends who took test already got there results shutting off at 75 and they passed, but there test was so much harder than mine! I got the easiest questions in the world - I feel like the test was dummied up for me!!! I only had 3 satas - 5 meds - 2 infection control and the rest i swear was prioritizing. I am a wreck - I always heard shutting off at 75 was a good thing...but I feel as though I failed miserably because mine was so easy. Help me calm my nerves - feel like jumping off that bridge famous in California
  3. nurselyn95713

    Nclex today, freaking out. Only had 75Q.

    all you have to do is go to the board and see if your license is valid hon... 48 hours....good luck!!!
  4. nurselyn95713

    Nclex today, freaking out. Only had 75Q.

    I always thought shutting off at 75 is a good thing, but who knows? I just came back from taking my RN NCLEX and it shut off at 75 - won't comment on the details, but I did have math questions. I pray for us all AND THESE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS WILL BE TORTURE!!! I signed up for LVN overtime so I didn't have to sit and dwell on the test....God speed:redbeathe
  5. nurselyn95713

    Preceptor choices

    I am in the last leg of my exhausting fast track LVN to RN program. Once I pass my finals, I am faced with the daunting task of picking a specialty to precept in. I really want to know the pros and cons to picking one specialty versus the others... I am leaning towards ICU.... please help guide this weary soul! and a for your thought
  6. nurselyn95713

    Underwear and white scrubs?

    WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT WEAR A THONG!!!!!!!! I worked for many years wearing all white (with a cap to boot - and I am talking months ago, not stone age with Florence). To put it politely, wear granny panties that have the elastic below your cheeks, and make it a neutral color of your skin (i.e. fair skin wear nude panties, dark skin wear dark tan panties). Don't let your husband tease you about the grannies, reserve the thongs for a more appropriate time! And, make sure your bra matches your underwear, as in whites, it is a faux pas to wear any other color than mentioned above. :redpinkhe
  7. nurselyn95713

    Tips for Geriatric and LTC Nursing

    In my years of convalescent care, I can not count on my hands, fingers, and toes (let alone every strand of hair on my body) that I have heard the same comments. As a geriatric nurse, you must think outside the box, and don't let the negative comments get you down! A gero nurse must be sharp, as the doctors only listen to what you have to tell them and make the diagnosis on the phone to prescribe the right treatments (all along knowing that is what you were asking for in the first place). I say hats off to Gero nurses! and a GREAT :bowingpur as we don't have the team of staff to help us in our time of need.
  8. nurselyn95713

    The Patients Who Break Your Heart

    I wish there was one moment that has reached my heart in nursing, but it is a cumulative effort in my brain. From the frail children I watched slowly die from the inside out, to taking the elderly to the Almighty maker. Nursing is such a strong passion for me, and those who don't take it seriously should find another profession. Nursing is NOT about the paycheck (as we all know), and it is certainly not about the prestige (my brother to this day still calls me a glorified "butt wiper"). What matters is that YOU AS THE NURSE made a difference in someone's life, and they will take that with them forever. So if you feel like skipping a treatment, or dodging a family, remember that NURSING IS WHAT YOU PUT IN TO IT.....AND WHAT YOU TAKE OUT OF IT!!!!!!