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  1. lisalpn

    Took the NCLEX today

    mine stopped at 85 and i passed.... i didn't think i would... i felt like throwing up all the way home
  2. lisalpn

    how long have you been at your job?

    I am 24 and have been in the emergency room for 1 month.....I like it so for .....
  3. lisalpn

    Help me name my business PLEASE!

  4. lisalpn

    NA/Tech after 6 weeks of PN clinicals?!

    I got cna certified in pn school at around 6wks of clinicals
  5. lisalpn

    New Experiences

    Today was week 2 of my first nursing job(other than a couple of shifts at a nursing home)... I gave 3 IM's today.... I think I did pretty good... I will admit I was a little nervous though... Also I got to start a couple of IVs.
  6. lisalpn

    New Poll: Is there a right or wrong age to go into nursing

    I just graduated this year and I am 24. I did go to college right after high school. It was and wasn't my decision. Let me explain.. I felt that I was pressured into it by my parents.. You know.. wanting to please them and for them to be proud of me. Well it didn't work out. Later after I grew up and I decided when I was ready to let school be a top priority in my life, I did it. So I think that it doesn't matter what a age a person should go into nursing, I think it should be whenever that person feels it is right. Just my opinion. :)
  7. lisalpn

    Any idea how long it takes to get ATT?

    It took me a whole month before I got mine.... A friend called the place and they said something about a whole bunch of letters being returned in the mail.......
  8. I graduated high school in 96, went to college for respiratory therapy....decided that was NOT what I wanted to do.... In 98 when I finally quit college I went to a short program for phlebotomy.... I did that for three years.... right up until I graduated from nursing school in May.
  9. lisalpn

    I Passed!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Katie BSN,RN Way to go!!!
  10. lisalpn

    I have a question....

    Thanks to all of you who replied... I found out today that this is same nurse who was fired from more than one nursing home for stealing narcotics. From what I hear through the grapevine, the nurse herself doesn't know if her license is still good AND the best part of it all is the D.O.N. knows and has done nothing to verifiy this. I looked at the narcotics signoff book and the same nurse has numerous entries like these: void error, wasted (with no other nurse signature), stepped on, etc... And honest.... this is one from just last night....."wasted accidently popped out" and 2 hrs. later.....are you ready??? "accidently stepped on" Sure wouldn't want her as a nurse.....
  11. lisalpn

    I have a question....

    Has any of you ever heard of giving insulin in the deltoid muscle? The reason I ask is because I am working as a nurse tech at a nursing home and the nurse let me give a patient her insulin and when I went out of the room to find the nurse she said left or right deltoid.... I just graduated from school but we were always told to give insulin SQ in the abdomen, upper thighs, flabby part of the arms. Did I maybe misunderstand or miss something in school? Also, I have seen more than just this one nurse give it in the deltoid at 90 degrees with an insulin syringe.. Just wondering..
  12. lisalpn

    Took the NCLEX today! Yikes!

    I just got in my results..... I PASSED!!!:)
  13. lisalpn

    Its OFFICIAL!!!!

    I passsed the boards!!!! I am now a licensed nurse!!! (Just wanted to share my excitement)
  14. lisalpn

    Hey all... I PASSED!! I'm a RN!!!

  15. lisalpn

    Is it true about the NCLEX....

    Sylvan used to be the testing center here(louisiana) now it is called Prometric Testing Center.