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Just going back to school--to get my RN!!

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  1. LaurasoonRN

    TCC in Ft. Worth Texas

    Dave, Thank you so much for the information, it really helps. I plan on working full time through nursing school...unfortunately my husband is disabled and can't work so I have to work to support our family. I plan on going to UTA as well to get my bachelor's...I just wanted to go ahead and get the adn and get into the field and out of my current profession (I currently work for a brokerage firm and the financial industry is not for me). Thanks again for the info. PS...I noticed your location is in Burleson...I graduated from Burleson High.
  2. LaurasoonRN

    TCC in Ft. Worth Texas

    Hi All: I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on the TCC Nursing program in Fort Worth. I am still working on my pre-req's so I have about a year before I can apply but was wondering if I could get some info about the program. Specifically, if one is allowed to work while going through the nursing program, and if so, if one is limited to a certain number of hours per week that they can work. My husband and I are thinking of having a house built but if I have to cut my hours, we may be rethinking the whole new house thing...at least until I get out of nursing school! Thanks in advance!
  3. LaurasoonRN

    What classes are you taking Summer 2003

    Hi all...I am in my first semester back to school (I took one semester and couldn't finish 7 years ago) so I am working on my pre-req's. I am taking two classes this summer and they are both internet courses...Business communication and Intro to Phil. I am taking the summer II semester as a break because I plan on taking A&P I and Microbiology in the fall semester. (And with a 4 year old)
  4. LaurasoonRN

    Good Schools

    Thank you for all of the information!!! It does help a lot. I am going for my BSN. I'll check into all of these schools. Thanks again!
  5. LaurasoonRN

    Good Schools

    Hello All! I live south of Ft. Worth, Texas and was wondering if anyone could suggest any good nursing schools in the area. I am starting back to school next year for my prereqs but I am unsure of the nursing program where I'll be attending. Since I don't know anyone else in this field, I thought I would ask the experts Thanks for your help!
  6. LaurasoonRN

    A Mother AND a student????

    I am so glad to read these posts. I have never posted here before but I had to post on this one. I have a 3 year old daughter and I am going back to school next semester. I am just starting my prerequisites and I know that I have a long road ahead of me, which really makes me sad because I don't want to miss out on any of my daughter's acheivements. She is a very bright and beautiful girl. I had to return to work when she was 5 weeks old for financial reason and it killed me. She has stayed with my mom so I know she is good hands but it is still hard. Now working and going to school will surely cut into our time together. My husband has been very supportive of my going back to school and assures me that she will still love me just as much. I know he's right but it is still hard. Good luck to everyone. I know that this will be best for me and my family, and it makes the time I get to spend with my daughter much more special. :)