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  1. butterfly21

    *Weird* Patient Allergies

    I keep a typed list of my allergies and adverse reactions. I am allergic to latex and because of this a lot of fruits one of which is bananas. I am allergic to an additive in prednisone (makes things more difficult because of multiple allergies). The computer system at MD and hospital does not differentiate between true allergy and adverse reactions and just list everything as allergy. I have to list ASA and all NSAID because GI told me after endo I could never take again because I had such severe gastritis and errosions from the meds. I feel I need to list everything even though it may not be a true allergy some of the side effects I get have landed me in the hospital. As far as all the drug addicts being allergic to cocaine ~ that's one way to keep them from taking it! LOL
  2. butterfly21

    *Weird* Patient Allergies

    My sister was allergic to the cold. Cold Urticaria. The person with the poinsetta allergy, are you allergic to latex?
  3. I was just wondering if there were any nurses out there that have Chiari malformation and are still working. Most of the people I have met with this disorder are not able to work anymore that were in the nursing field. After my surgery I had to leave my job working on a med/surg floor. I now work in an outpatient clinic which I love, but some days it is still hard and I don't know how many years I will be able to do this. Currently I am an LPN and I know I need to finish my RN so that eventually I can get into a more administrative type job when I really can't do the physical work. I do feel very fortunate that I am able to work at all. My surgery is considered failed by the surgeon and I have other health problems also.
  4. butterfly21

    Nursing and Fibromyalgia

    I was misdiagnosed with Fibro. I have chiari malformation type 1 and had decompression surgery and pseudo tumor cerebri. I had to give up floor nursing. I am in some degree of pain everyday but am thankful that I am able to work and that I am alive. My dr was so nice to remind me that I was inpatient 15 times in the past 18 months and off 28 weeks last year. I understand where you are coming from. I have a lot of compassion and empathy for my patients (i work in an outpatient clinic now). Being on the other side gives you a whole new perspective.
  5. butterfly21

    Nurses with asthma, i have a question...

    I would not worry especially if it's mild and under control. My asthma was severe when I first started. What you may want to do when you are eligible to protect yourself is apply for intermittent FMLA. You should be eligible after working for one year and it just says you may need to take off for your asthma and if you call off for that they can not hold that against you. You do not have to disclose this information though and I would not inquire about the FMLA until you are there a year.
  6. butterfly21

    can i be a nurse with a replacement heart valve?

    You may have to watch what type of nursing you do. I have a pacemaker because of SVT and tachy brady syndrome (cardizem dropped me to the 30's) and then had brain surgery for chiari malformation (so I can't lift). I can no longer do floor nursing but I work in an outpatient clinic. Trust me I still work my butt off I work in a hospital based clinic with 40 drs and not counting residents and we see 200+ patients on an average day. You need to see what your dr says.
  7. butterfly21

    need help--husband died at home

    I am very sorry to hear about your husband. you did everything you could but it's hard not to beat yourself up. My husband died 2 years ago and I used to think I was a terrible nurse because I could not save him. Looking back there was nothing I could have done either as he was very ill but it was still sooner than anyone expected. Please take care of yourself and your children.
  8. butterfly21

    new here

    Just wanted to say hi. I have been an LPN for 10 years and am trying to finish school for my RN and would like to then go for forensics.