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  1. backinthesaddleRN

    Why don't I have a job right now?

    Just so all you new grads don't feel so bad, I have TEN years experience at two of the top ten hospitals in the country! The catch: I haven't worked in 19 years. I went back re-took the boards and got my BLS! I get calls because of my resume and they go like this...."Call us back when you have 6 months RECENT experience" So I, like you new grads, am stuck in a catch-22. How can I get recent experience if no one will hire me without recent experience? I took a job with the census and that gave me some recent supervisory experience but I don't think that will solve my problem. Hang in there...Nursing is very cyclical. Good luck to all of you!:redbeathe:)
  2. Thanks for your kind words of support! Good Luck in Haiti and God Bless!
  3. Hi, Thanks for your interest. I applied to about 6 hospital positions.....A Kaiser personnel RN called. She said I needed 6 months current experience before they would hire me. Kind of a catch 22, we can't hire you without RECENT experience so where do you get that? I am in the hunt for a state position but they are very slow at filling them. I started the process in October went through one round of interviews in Dec., ranked no.1 and am still waiting for round #2! Thank goodness my husband has a great job and we are not depending on me getting a job to survive! I have a friend in home health placement....she said they would have to place me as an LPN.....that made no sense, you can't get RN experience working as an LPN! So I search apply and wait! I did get my BLS!
  4. backinthesaddleRN

    Work as LVN to get RN experience??

    Calliotter, That is what I would assume, so I was surprised the headhunter mentioned it. A recruiter for Kaiser told me I needed 6 months recent experience and she'd hire me immediately. So where am i suppossed to get the experience...it's a Catch 22.
  5. backinthesaddleRN

    Work as LVN to get RN experience??

    I think having an RN License covers it.
  6. backinthesaddleRN

    Work as LVN to get RN experience??

    Hi All, Looking for some advice. I've been out of nursing 18 years. Re-took boards and passed, have done my BLS. I have 10 yrs experience and strong resume(worked at 2 top 10 hospitals). Everyone keeps saying I need recent experience. I've been told one way to get it is take a position as an LVN. I don't understand that but if it is true and in the end it will get me an RN position I'll do it! Any thoughts?:loveya:
  7. backinthesaddleRN

    State license lapsed after 18 years; how to get relicensed

    I retook the boards in June after an 18 year absence from Nursing. I took the time off to raise my four kids. Tell your mom she can do it!!! I bought all the review books but the best thing I did was an interactive online review through a site called Evolve. You took a pretest and it focused on your weaknesses. At the end you took an actual CAT style test(exactly like the actual NCLEX). It shut off at 75 for me...as did the actual NCLEX!! So good luck to your mom!