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NikRN has 1 years experience and specializes in Postpartum, Antepartum, GYN surgical.

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  1. Durango

    Hi everyone, Just wanted some information if anyone has it! Was visiting Durango this last week. Wanted to know what people thought of the Health System out there. (beautiful new hospital!) and what the Nurses pay is out there. Housing seemed rathe...
  2. Cheyenne OB/GYN

    Hi everyone.. hoping to hear back about any OB/GYN offices or Hospital department in the area. Looking to move closer to my grandparents as they are now in their 80's and i want my daughters to spend as much time with them as we can. I currently wo...
  3. Any Antepartum nurses?

    After delivery a pt who needs to be on mag usually stays on t he L&D floor. If they get full then they move the mag pt to our floor but a L&D nurse will still have care. A few years ago I heard that our floor was taking care of mag pts. Bu...
  4. Any Antepartum nurses?

    To explain that, we have mag pts on our floor, however the L&D nurse has to be on our floor to care for them. Other than that the mag pts take up beds over in L&D, until they are needed then transferred to us. then we get care transfered to ...
  5. Any Antepartum nurses?

    Hi all, I am a nurse on an antepartum floor. I have read that some of the L&D floors do both delivery, antepartum and postpartum. At my hospital L&D and Antepartum are sister units but completely seperated by closed sections and post partum ...
  6. planning a move to CO: what's the pay like?

    Hi there! Welcome to colorado when you do get here! I live in colorado springs. New Grads start at 21.70 at the hospital I am at! Good luck! Nik
  7. Patients boyfriend gets naked

    Just a funny that one of my coworkers told me. I work on an ANTEPARTUM unit. The nurse recieved a Nurse call to come to the pts room because she had a sudden gush of fluid when getting up to go to the bathroom. The nurse came in and got the pt to ...
  8. Non-Nurses calling themselves a Nurse

    I was visiting a small town in Colorado. My boyfriend and I went to a local bar and was talking with the bartender. We were busy talking about the town and then started discussing medical facilities in the area. She proceeded to tell me she was a N...

    Hi everyone! I am just wanting any advice someone can give about relocating. I realize this is probably a repeated question, however, I never know if I will get fresh new ideas! I am moving from Colorado to Florida next year. Trying to prepare the ...